Long Distance Non-Emergency Medical Transport

Assistance dogs such as service dogs, guide dogs, and hearing dogs are covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act. That means their handler has the right to bring them to any place that is open to the public. However, regular pets fill important functions too, and around 80 million dogs and 90 million cats live in American households.

Pets reduce stress, lessen anxiety, lower blood pressure, ease depression, and reduce feelings of loneliness. According to WebMD, Alzheimer’s patients have fewer anxious outbursts if there is an animal in the home. Caregivers also tend to feel less burdened with a pet.

Even with all these benefits, problems can arise when it’s time to move cross country, or embark on a long distance journey or vacation. We at Med Transport Center love our pets, we know the great support they can provide, and how stressful it would be to leave them behind, even if it’s just for a shorter period of time.

Companions for Long Distance Travel

In most cases we allow pets, friends, and family to travel along in the transport. The MED Coach have plenty of room. Smaller pets travel best in crates. Larger pets should be fitted with a collar and leash. We make sure that everyone is as safe and content as can be.

Our medically equipped vehicles pick up at your home, hospice, or other location of your choice, and bring you where you and your pet need to be. Two professional drivers and a registered nurse make the journey quick, safe, and pleasant.

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