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When Clutter Gets Out of Control

Making a plan with seniors to downsize is already a daunting task. However, for some seniors, it isn’t so easy to convince them that they need to downsize. An example if a professional may need to be involved is if their collection is more of a hoarding situation.

  • Does their clutter impair their everyday functioning?
  • Does it threaten their health or other family members living in the home or visiting?MTC Downsizing

A 2008 study by Johns Hopkins revealed that 6.2% of people over 55 show hoarding behavior. So, this needs to be repeated that if your senior loved one’s clutter is so extreme that their living space is unsanitary, unusable or hazardous, or if they are exhibiting symptoms like self-neglect and social withdrawal, it may be time to discuss with a mental health professional if they have Diogenes Syndrome (elderly version of a hoarding disorder) and the best approach to downsizing and transition into assisted living. A mental health professional that is an expert in senior living concerns, can help families determine what to keep, how to maintain the memories without the clutter, and help addressing their fears about moving into a new home. Besides their feals, these type of professionals can help discuss the positives of moving and the result could be a less hassle of a transition.

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