Decrease your exposure to COVID-19 Corona virus during long distance transports

Learn what Med Transport Center is doing to transport patients state to state all while decreasing their exposure to COVID -19.

At MED Transport Center we take the Corona Virus very seriously.COVID-19

Our team follows the CDC protocols in place for limiting the risk of spread and/or exposure. To see these recommendations, please visit their website at

Here are the following protocols that have been put into place on board of all of our long distance medical motor homes and at our corporate offices.

1. Hand Hygiene – Hand Sanitizer is provided with 60-95% alcohol and all staff are hand washing using soap and water for at least 20 seconds continually throughout the trip.
2. Face Mask – Medical Face masks are available for all team members while traveling and transporting. When caring for your loved one or traveling to another transport, our team members have been instructed when appropriate to wear them.
3. Eye Protection – Eye protection is available to all team members and when appropriate our team members have been instructed to wear them.
4. Gloves – Gloves have been made available to all members of our team. Gloves are worn when handling patient care, materials, and other at-risk duties.
5. Gowns – Gowns have been supplied to our team members and will be worn for all duties with a risk of spreading COVID-19.
6. Surface disinfection – All surfaces, frequently used are disinfected periodically before, during and after transport.
7. Medical equipment – All equipment is cleaned and disinfected between use.
8. Origin protocol – If a patient or passenger shows signs or symptoms indicative of COVID-19 the transport must be canceled. Also, if one of our team members shows symptoms indicative of COVID-19 the transport may be canceled or rescheduled if we are unable to replace that team member in time for the scheduled departure. These steps are taken in order to limit risk to the patient, our team and future patients.
9. Destination protocol – If a patient or passenger shows signs or symptoms of COVID-19 during the transport our team will notify the destination facility. If the destination facility does not have proper protocols in place to receive a patient who is presenting the symptoms our team will take the patient or passenger to the nearest facility with the proper protocols in place.

The measures listed above are taken with the intention of preventing exposure and/or spread of COVID-19 we will continue to monitor the CDC’s recommendations and take steps to ensure the proper response to this virus.
Last update 3/12/2020

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