Typical long distance transport vehicles are compact minivans, transport vans, non-emergency medical RV and air ambulances.

Compact Minivan Transport for Long Distance Transport

A compact minivan transport are tighter than a transport van with a cramped interior it is not ideal for long-distance cross the US transports. There is limited head room and no room to stand, move or stretch. There is limited to no room for family members to accompany patient during transport and the patient is secured on a gurney bed of a 2-inch plastic mattress.

The options for restroom breaks are at local gas stations during travel or a bed pan if needed. Hand sanitizer can be provider or washing facilities in local rest stops or gas stations, which isn’t ideal. There are a variety of compact minivan transports who are locally-based serving only certain locations or nationally-based. There are limited amenities, similar to the transport van with a tablet, radio or reading material.


The cost is most likely the cheapest option or a cheaper alternative to transport van. Depending on the length of travel there are 1 to 2 drivers with no licensed nurse, med tech or professional to help the patient if an emergency arises. The professional drivers should be aware of local hospital or emergency clinics on route but this would need to be planned out ahead of time with the patient and their family to determine the level of care needed.

Transport Vans

Transport Vans are larger than a minivan transport vehicle with accommodating 1-3 additional patients during transport. Provides slightly more height than standard minivan and has a cramped interior. These type of vans usually have a foam mattress on a stretcher or “passenger bed”. Usually these would work for shorter distances and are not as comfortable as Med Transport Center’s MedCoach. These type of ambulance or transport van’s have patient’s lying on a narrow stretcher. Most do not have room to sit comfortably or provide a comfortable leather recliner seat with a footrest and a second bed that are in each MED Coach.

No airflow mattress to prevent skin irritation. No food preparation station or sanitary hand washing station to reduce the spread of germs. The bathroom in a transport van provides a bedside commode or a bedpan. This provides direct access to use the bathroom next to the bed. A bedside portable toilet provides unparalleled access to unhygienic practices to contaminate bed and nearby medical supplies. Some vans do not offer this option and will stop at local gas station bathrooms. The overall space in a transport van is cramped for proper care.    


Some competitors are locally-based serving only certain locations. Some competitors are nationally-based that depending on the patient and what you are looking for in long-distance travel. A transport van will have 1 to 2 drivers and a medical tech or sometimes a licensed nurse. There are some amenities like a tablet for dvd movies, radio or magazines. Some transport vans can provide additional beds for additional family members to ride during transport. The cost for a transport van depends on the type of transport and mileage. Lower cost usually means lower quality service. With some companies, you get what you pay for so please research the company prior to booking a long distance transport.

Non-Emergency Medical RV MedCoach Long Distance Transport

The best option is a MedCoach, or a non-emergency medical RV. At Med Transport Center, we provide MedCoach that exceeds expectations for the last 30 years in comfort, care, service and reputation.


Comparison to Competitors

We are more comfortable for long distance medical transport, unlike stretcher vans, minivans or ambulances, which are built for short distances. MED Coaches are simply better in comfort, quality and provide more amenities than any other medical transport option. We show how Med Transport Center exceeds competing transport services.

Quality Customer Service – Experienced, professional team members have assisted in thousands of transports. A live reservationist will discuss needs and customize your transport experience. Our experienced coordinators will work with the facility staff to receive medical information and communicate patient needs during the medical transport. Our coordinators handle all the details and you will receive a detailed itinerary prior to medical transport. We will handle all of the planning for you, so you can focus on what’s important.

Comfort – Providing the largest, most comfortable accommodations.

  • Hospital-grade Bed – 36″ wide hospital bed with remote controls to recline for mobility and an 8-inch thick memory foam airflow mattress to help prevent skin issues.
  • Second bed for a family member or friend to accompany transport.
  • Reclining leather chair with footrest.
  • Large bay window for scenic viewing throughout transport.
  • Large spacious interior to move and fully stand to stretch.

Hygienic – MTC has strict standards for hygienic and non-emergency medical need. Two sinks are offered  to maintaining cleanliness, hand washing best practices, separate kitchen and private bathroom. Medical equipment is sterilized/steril and maintained prior to every transport.

  • Bathroom – On-board private bathroom is private, more comfortable and accessible than getting out of an ambulance or van to use a public restroom and more private than using a bedside commode.
  • Kitchen and Food – A separate station is used from bathroom with sink to maintain sanitation. Food is provided by dietary needs.

Reliability – We provide a fleet of vehicles stationed across the entire continental United States to accommodate quick and reliable transports.

Cost – Since we station our vehicles across the US, this affords us the ability to keep costs down for added travel expenses. We also provide monthly promotions.

Safety – Verified safety records and commercial driving licenses. Our MedCoaches use a Mercedes Chassis and engine that are serviced with routine maintenance and safety inspections for each transport.

  • Each transport provides 2 professional drivers that are background checked, clean driving records and have commercial driver licenses.
  • Two professional drivers are used to drive through safely and efficiently to the patient’s destination.
  • Quality bedside care is provided by a licensed nurse on each transport.

Customized Care – Our beautiful MED Coaches are customized specifically for anyone needing a long distance medical transport of 300 to 3000 miles with many amenities not offered by other companies.

  • We provide non-emergency medical equipment and supplies including a nebulizer, suction, oxygen concentrator and reserve tanks.
  • We only provide single private transports and accommodates additional family members or pets to travel bedside.

Amenities – Luxury entertainment system is provided with an on-board large flat screen TV’s, free WiFi to stay connected, and a custom tablet filled with games and movies to enjoy during the journey.

  • On-board Meals and Prep – A microwave and refrigerator are available for hot and cold drinks, fresh foods, and snacks.
  • Leather recliner with footrest to accomodate a patient or family member.

Family – Family-oriented and faith-based company with a 5 star patient support team.

  • A family member, friend, or pet can ride during the transport.

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Do you need to get to a destination faster than ground transportation can provide? Another type of transport that is offered is by air. Med Transport Center provides an air ambulance option through AirMD.

We arrange air ambulance transportation on US and International medically configured air ambulance fleet.  Domestically, we typically arrange air ambulance transports on Learjet, King Air Prop-Jet and Cessna twin engine aircraft. The Gulfstream III, IV, and V are much larger aircraft carrying up to 4 patients and flying long distance air ambulance flights to Europe, the Middle East Latin America, and the Pacific Rim.  The Challenger 602 and 603 compliment the Gulfstream aircraft in size and range for international flights.

Med Transport Center’s Air Ambulance flights are dispatched from one of our seven worldwide affiliate providers fleet of air ambulance aircraft. We coordinate your request to have the staff and aircraft that are right for your situation and your itinerary.  Each aircraft is equipped with the similar medical monitoring technology commonly found in an intensive care unit. Learn more about our Air Ambulance Flight teams.

Standards of every International Air Ambulance Service

All preferred International Air Ambulance affiliate providers meet equivalent U.S. standards that include:

  • Medical Team: Experienced and trained in Aviation Medicine.
  • Medical Stretcher: Certified FAA, or equivalent to the country e.g. CAA, JACCO
  • Medical equipment and Monitors: Cardiac, Respiratory, Pulse Oximetry, BP monitors
  • 3-5 yrs. ICU, ER experience with flight medicine training
  • ACLS Flight Teams, Flight Nurse, Respiratory Therapist/P-EMT, and flight physicians/ intensivist

Air Transport Options:

The Gulfstream Air Ambulance configured jet specializes in international transports flying in excess 3,500 miles non stop.  The Gulfstream jet can accommodate 4 passengers in addition to the patient and medical crew. The Gulfstream and Challenger air ambulance jets offer the most spacious and luxurious transport options.

Gulfstream Air Ambulance

Lear 35 and Lear 36 Air Ambulance Jets  offer the most cost effective intercontinental private air ambulance travel.   One family member may accompany the patient when the condition requires two medical personnel.

The Lear 36 XL range approximately doubles the standard air ambulance jet range allowing for fewer refueling stops on international air ambulance transports.  The Lear 35 offers extra seating and baggage capacity. Both the jets are available for long distance domestic transports.

Learjet Air Ambulance

Cessna Citation V Jet flies 350 mph and 35,000 ft.   The Citation V offers a slightly slower and more economical option to standard Lear Jet air ambulance aircraft.

Citation Air Ambulance

The King Air 200 flies at 250 mph and accommodates two patients.    It offers a cost effective alternative for 800-1,000 mile medical transports.  The King Air is most commonly used for transports along the North East United States corridors.

King Air Air Ambulance

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