I need oxygen. Is it possible for me to travel?

A. Absolutely. You need a portable oxygen delivery system. A portable oxygen concentrator holds compressed oxygen in a little tank. It usually comes with a carry case and/or a travel cart. These devices run on battery, but can be plugged in when you are somewhere with an electrical outlet.

Can I use my oxygen on a cruise ship or in a plane?

A. It depends. If you’re going on a cruise, ask about their policies before you book the trip. Some ships provide oxygen, others do not. You might have to show doctor’s documentation to bring your equipment. Also, make sure that you bring enough and a little extra.

If you’re travelling by air, make sure to talk to the airline when you make the reservation. Your equipment must be approved by the airline and by the FAA. It’s a good idea to remind the airline 48 hours before takeoff. Some airlines require an inspection of the oxygen equipment 48 hours before the flight. You can read more about commercial travel with oxygen here.

Can I take my portable oxygen in a car?

A. Yes, but you need to store it safely. Keep your oxygen inside the car, away from heat. Do not store it in the trunk or anywhere else where it can get hot. Also, keep a window rolled down a little; the oxygen containers give off gasses that can build up in a small, contained space. It is also important to make sure that no one smokes in the car.

Are there dangers involved with traveling with oxygen?

A. It is important to make sure you don’t leave the oxygen equipment in a trunk or anywhere it can get hot. Stay away from smokers and open flames. If you’re in a restaurant, ask the servers to remove any lit candles from your table. Naturally make sure that you have enough oxygen to get you through the trip.

If I want to travel with the MED Coach, are they equipped with oxygen?

A. Yes. The vehicles have oxygen concentrators that supply oxygen at five liters per minute. If requested, we will bring extra oxygen tanks. We also have Pulse Oximeters to monitor the guest’s oxygen saturation.