Arthritis is an inflammation of one or more of your joints. The main symptoms of arthritis are joint pain and stiffness, which typically worsen with age. The most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.(1)

Tips for Traveling with Arthritis by Ground

Traveling by ground is a great way to travel but can pose some complications for those suffering from arthritis. Many seniors complain that their arthritis worsens in the lower body due to sitting for long periods. This would be most concerning for a person’s hips, spine, lower back and knees. Sitting for long periods can exacerbate arthritis symptoms.

The following are a combined list of exercises to try while sitting during your trip:

See Knee Stretches.

The following exercises can be done while you’re in flight:

  • Raise and lower your toes while keeping your heels on the ground.
  • Raise and lower your heels while your toes stay on the ground.
  • Tighten and relax the muscles in your legs.
  • If you have space, lift your foot off the floor and straighten your legs until you feel it in your hamstrings.

How Med Transport Center Can Help:

Med Transport Center offers the perfect choice for long distance medical transportation with MED Coach.

MED Coach is designed for anyone who has increased medical needs or limited mobility, including the elderly, disabled, or even those who are just needing a little assistance during their travel. It is ideal for seniors or anyone seeking long distance medical transportation state-to-state or coast to coast

Med Transport Center is designed to help minimize stress mentally and physically to you or a loved one.

The MED Coach is fully self-contained with air conditioning and heating, a hospital-type bed with bed rails, comfortable mattress, pillows and blankets. This beautiful long distance motor coach is 25 feet long. Plus the hospital-type adjustable bed comes with a memory foam mattress and a variable air-flow cover for additional comfort and to prevent skin issues during transport. We also provide a comfortable recliner to sit and a travel nurse to help take care of you or a loved one during your journey.

We are the ONLY company who offers this type of vehicle for long distance transports. Many of our competitors use Sprinter vans or Ford Transits for medical ground transports. They fail in comparison to the size, luxury, amenities, equipment, and comfort offered on our MED Coaches.

The Medical Transport Crew:

The 3 member team consists of 2 professional drivers plus a nurse. Two drivers are required for safety and allow for non-stop travel to your destination. All nurses have at least 5 years experience providing compassionate care; the nurse will be at bedside throughout the ground medical transport caring for your needs.

The travel nurse will help to provide a comfortable sitting area to support joints. We stop to stretch every couple of hours or as needed. Practicing good posture while sitting helps, doing seat therapy or using a cold or hot compress to ease joint pain is one of the many ways we can help your arthritis during your travel.

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