Top Rated Nursing Homes in Florida

Downtown Tampa FloridaFlorida with its pleasant climate, fun activities, and plentiful amenities is a popular state for retirees to the point where it is often called the best state in which to retire. Many health care services and options in Florida are planned to fit the elderly, and the state has many excellent hospitals and nursing homes.

In many cases, one or more family members already live in Florida, and when it’s time to move a loved one to a nursing home, he or she might be better off coming to Florida too instead of staying in the home state. In other cases, the family might be moving, and it makes sense to move the loved one already in a nursing home to Florida as well. No one wants to be left behind, and keeping family together is an important consideration.

Long Distance Transportation to Nursing Homes in Florida

Moving between states or even across the country can take a toll, and this is where long distance medical transportation comes in. Traveling in a medically equipped coach makes it possible to lie down and rest on a comfortable hospital bed, or to sit up and enjoy the view.

The coaches have onboard bathrooms and kitchens and there is no reason to worry about public rest stops. Special dietary needs can be accommodated, and if the passenger wants to order take-out along the way that can be arranged too.

Each transport has two professional drivers used to all weather conditions, and a registered nurse. Our experienced coordinators will give continuous updates to family along the way, and a licensed physician is standing by in case the passenger’s condition would change during the journey.

There are many top rated nursing homes in Florida. For example the Life Care Centers in Jacksonville, the Rohr Home in Lakeland, Manor Oaks Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in South Florida, and the Life Care Center of Sarasota.