The prospect of downsizing and relocating your parent(s) or senior loved ones can be overwhelming, stressful and a downright difficult conversation for everyone involved. If seniors aren’t ready to take this next step in their lives or if they have made the decision to start the transition, here are a few tips to determine if they are ready, and what to do after the decision has been made to downsize and take this next big step.

This post is broken down into 4 parts so check out each for helpful tips!

Tips for Talking to Parents about Downsizing and Relocating:

So, you might be wondering, how can I talk to my parents about downsizing without upsetting them?

Well, that may be a pipedream, because there will most likely be stressful moments, and tears of happiness and sadness, but hopefully they will be happy once they are settled into their new residence.

The big questions to determine how to approach this topic is…

  • Did they decide they are ready to make this new change on their own?
  • Or, do they need to downsize and relocate for their personal health and safety reasons?

Either way, getting rid of longtime possessions that hold memories from the past isn’t easy for anyone to let go. As a caregiver or family member helping with this transition, you have to remember that these items are closely linked to their personal identities of their past and memories associated so determine which category they fit in and tread lightly.

Most individuals understand that downsizing is just an inevitable part of moving to a new home. Going through closets, dumping old food/spices, taking old clothes to Goodwill, and getting rid of all the things you no longer needs can be particularly stressful for seniors since they have a lifetime of acculumilated items. However, they need to keep in mind that a big burden will be lifted off their shoulders once this enormous task is completed. Their life will become easier in their new home with less items to manage.

  • To start the process, have a light conversation about their plans for the future and start to make goals and plans to begin the process.
  • Ask family or friends who can potentially spend time with them to help them organize and determine where they need to start first.
  • Get rid of the items that really hold no sentimental value first. I.e., Who needs old magazines from 1999? or old cough medicine that is taking up space?

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