Transporting the sick or elderly can be difficult. An elderly person is considered anyone over the age of 60, disabled or has a medical need that leaves them unable to drive or take care of themselves. With limited mobility, caring for the elderly can be a feat of mental and physical strength. With the daily needs of caring for their personal hygiene, food preparation, maintaining a clean living space with various doctor or personal appointments, it is easy for a caregiver to suffer from mental overload or caregiver burnout (see article here). Even helping an elderly person who is fragile in physical or medical need in and out of a vehicle alone can be very difficult and time consuming. If you have found yourself in a situation where the elderly person you are in care of needs to travel either to a new home, or facility that is out-of-state what do you do?The Best Way to Transport Elderly Long Distance

Caregivers turn to their friends, family and the internet to determine the best way to transport an elderly loved one long distance. One would find a number of professional options for non-emergency medical transportation. These types of vehicles can range from cheap ground transports that may offer a gurney in an ambulatory van up to professional non-emergency medical vehicles with options that will provide many comforts from home in a safe environment with professional medical staff monitoring their health during the entire transport.

Many times, caregivers will try to cut costs and will attempt to transport their elderly loved one alone and this can open possibilities of additional stressors for the caregiver and elderly loved one. A caregiver will be familiar with the needs for the elderly patient and may feel confident to attempt a transport alone but there could potentially be a number of concerns that arise before, during and after traveling with their patient.

Some areas to consider before transporting an elderly person long distance:

If the elderly person has medical concerns or uses a wheelchair, many common vehicles are not equipped and may require special accommodations that the typical vehicle would not have available. Sitting for long periods of time can cause blood clots, lifting your elderly loved one in and out of a car safely, stopping at rest stops, remembering medications or checking insulin levels, overnight hotel stays – there are a number of scenarios that could pose a number of situations that could end up badly and provide a higher unexpected cost to the caregiver and elderly patient.

Depending on the health and living situation, each family will need to make the decision to do what is best for their loved one but keep in mind that deciding to travel alone may appear to be less of a financial cost; however, in the chance that the elderly person has certain medical needs, the personal and unexpected costs for their safety and well-being begins to outweigh the guaranteed financial cost from a professional service.

What is the best way to transport an elderly patient long distance?

There are two economical ways to travel long distance: by ground transportation or in-flight.

Depending on your budget and medical needs, ground transportation is a preferred way to travel due to if an emergency arises you could travel to the nearest hospital. However, the best way to transport a sick or elderly patient is through a non-emergency medical transportation company.

Each transportation company will offer different services so do your research!

Do not opt in for a cheap transportation company, because you may end up with your loved one sitting on a gurney in an ambulatory van for multiple hours, which is very uncomfortable and an unpleasant way to travel long distance.

One should look for a medical coach with adequate space, medical equipment for non-emergency needs, comfortable accommodations (such as a hospital-grade bed), a nurse or medical professional who’s sole focus is to monitor the patient’s health, and professional drivers to make sure your loved one will reach their destination safely and efficiently.

Many times one does not consider the regular medical needs an elderly person may have and how to accommodate those needs on a long distance transport. Some areas to consider would be how traveling alone versus a professional company would handle some of the following areas:

  • Driving Long Distance and Fatigue
  • Medical needs
  • Rest-Stops
  • Food Preparations / Dietary Restrictions
  • Sleeping Conditions  
  • Overall Comfort  

Med Transport Center (MTC) offers non-emergency long-distance medical transportation by ground (MED Coach) or in flight (MED Flight). The professionals at MTC can not speak upon other professional transportation companies since there is a variety that offer a number options; however, we can address the above topics as follows for what we offer to each patient that travels with us:

Each MTC transport coach is medically-equipped for non-emergency transports, offers 2 professional drivers, a licensed nurse and offers an emergency physician in case the need arises. Our professional drivers are top of the line, background checked with clean records, we use two drivers for each transport to travel through the night to limited the need for stops to make sure your loved one will get to their destination safely. Each coach offers a clean bathroom to safely take care of restroom needs with rest stops to stretch for breaks if needed. A licensed nurse travels with each transport and addresses the patient’s need for insulin or medication needs during travel to make sure all medical needs stay regularly compliant, as well as, maintains their sole focus on caring for the patient with regular blood pressure checks and moving them regularly to make sure the patient’s circulation maintains adequate blood flow and not sitting the entire duration to prevent blood clots. We offer many comforts from home including a kitchen for food preparations with dietary considerations for each individual transport, a high quality hospital grade bed to provide comfortable accommodations, with plenty of space, entertainment, and option for a family member or pet to accompany them to help pass the time during the trip for a safe and relaxing trip.

Our In-Flight transportation will have similar accommodations but will be able to travel faster to your destination.

Additional Med Transport Center Services include:

Med Transport Center offers non-emergency long-distance medical transportation by ground (MED Coach) or in flight (MED Flight). Our expert professionals coordinate the trip for your loved one while all you will have to do is call to make arrangements.

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Our transportation service is designed for anyone who has increased medical needs or limited mobility, including the elderly, disabled, or even those who are just needing a little assistance during their travel. Med Transportation Center is dedicated to providing a safe, comfortable journey with each ground or in flight transport. Furthermore, our utmost priority is to make sure that your loved one will safely get to his or her destination.

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