The medical representatives of MEDCOACH have made a determination, based upon the information of the Patient’s particular condition as provided to MEDCOACH by the sending facility, the Patient’s physician, the Patient, or Patient’s Representative, as of the date of Travel Agreement, that the Patient should be able to be transported in the MEDCOACH vehicle with an accompanying nurse. However, we acknowledge that the MEDCOACH environments and any transportation of Patients with pre-existing medical conditions such as those of the Patient can be subject to variable elements which may, at time, present some risk to the physical condition of persons such as the Patient. In consideration of the agreement by MEDCOACH to transport the Patient, we hereby agree to assume all such risks.

We also acknowledge that MEDCOACH has provided us with the details concerning the MEDCOACH vehicle which is intended to transport the Patient. We have independently evaluated these details and the Patient’s condition, and we have determined that the intended MEDCOACH vehicle is suitable to transport the Patient.

The Patient and any person accompanying the Patient hereby acknowledge and knowingly assume all risks inherent in the transportation provided by MEDCOACH. The Patient and the accompanying person hereby jointly and severally release, hold harmless and indemnify MEDCOACH as well as MEDCOACH’S officers, directors, shareholders, employees, agents, subcontractors, medical personnel and technicians of and from any and all claims for damages, injury or liability, whatsoever, resulting from the boarding, riding in or exiting of the MEDCOACH vehicle or from any conveyances used during the course of the transportation of the Patient from the Patient’s original point of origin until the delivery of the Patient. The Patient and any accompanying person further acknowledge that any of the foregoing persons or entities will render to the Patient only standard transport services and that none of the same make any guarantee or warranty, whatsoever, express or implied, as to the results of those services or the transport of the Patient.

The Patient and any person accompanying the Patient hereby agree that any and all disputes in any manner pertaining to or arising out of this agreement of the service provided by MEDCOACH hereunder shall be resolved only in the courts of Pinellas County, Florida, and the Patient and any person accompanying the Patient hereby consent to said venue.


Additional Terms and Conditions:

This service is a non-emergency transport and no interventional procedures or resuscitation will be provided. In the event of an unexpected change in the patient’s condition, we will call 911 or proceed to the closest hospital.

MEDCOACH, LLC is not a Medicare or Medicaid provider.

MEDCOACH, LLC is not responsible for any delays for any reason. This includes, but is not limited to, delays caused by weather, road conditions, mechanical problems, road construction, airline delays, detours, and customer special requests.

All coaches are non-smoking vehicles. No smoking is allowed by anyone who will be traveling in the coach at any time.

Luggage is limited to 2 carry-on sized bags and a laptop bag or purse total.

Change fees will be incurred if the travel date is changed within 48 hours of the Travel Date.

If the trip is cancelled at any time after booking, there will be a cancellation fee based on costs incurred and administrative fees.

If the information provided to MEDCOACH by the family or facility about the patient or passenger (condition, weight, medical needs, etc.) is not correct, we understand there may be additional charges** or possible cancellation/change fees*.

* The cancellation/change fee will be determined based on costs incurred and administrative fees.

**The additional charges will be determined based on additional equipment, assistance or services needed to complete the transport.