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Why Choose Med Transport Center's Transportation Service?

We provide experienced care and service, support, and assurance.

Experienced Teams

With more than 30 years experience of long distance medical transportations, MED Transport Center is built on experienced teams with professionals who offer care and compassion to each traveler:

  • Transport Coordinators - Work with families, case managers, social workers, and facilities to inform, plan, and coordinate.
  • Medical Officers - Review medical information and confirm patient needs. Ensures each patient gets the right team for his or her unique needs.
  • Maintenance Team - Ensures each coach is ready for transport and that we provide the safest and most reliable fleet possible.
Medical coach comfortable interior.


Medical professionals make a careful review of each patient’s medical conditions to ensure the right team. During the journey, an experienced nurse:

  • Checks vitals
  • Administers medications
  • Tends to restroom needs
  • Offer meals
  • Keeps loved ones updated
Medical transport coordinators.


  • We will tend to special needs and requests.
  • Experienced nurse at the patient’s side throughout the transport.
  • Updates to family members and facilities during the transport.
  • Possibility for a family member and even a pet to tag along during the journey.
Transport nurse with patient.

The transport experience. Traveling med transport center.