There are many reasons a person takes on the role as primary caregiver for a family member or friend. The task can be rewarding and shows love and compassion. It can also be stressful, and overwhelming demands in a situation not likely to improve make caregivers prone to burnout. At Med Transport Center we have

For a busy caregiver, time off can seem like an impossible extravagance. Taking time for yourself, doing things you enjoy on a daily basis, will improve life for both yourself and the person in your care. The human body is just like a machine; it needs fuel and downtime in order to work well. Sooner

Traveling Nurses Traveling nurses are more than a companion; you can trust he or she to oversee your medical care throughout your entire journey. Med Transport Center’s licensed and experienced traveling nurses will keep you out of trouble and cheerful even when things are going wrong. You can count on him or her for administering

Air Ambulance Cost

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What does an air ambulance cost? A typical air ambulance transport from California to North Carolina costs around $31,000! While a typical long distance medical transport by ground from California to North Carolina costs around $13,000. The question you need to be asking is what long distance medical transportation option best suits my needs and

What is the Cost of Non Emergency Medical Transportation? The rates for non emergency medical transportation can vary significantly by company. The following include reasons why medical transportation rates differ so much: Total mileage is a main factor for long distance or state to state medical transports. The medical crew – Med Transport Center provides

Med Transport Center is a strong supporter of care givers, as we have prided ourselves on providing the highest quality care for more than 30 years. Please take some time to read some important tips from a fellow caregiver who works for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance. Caregiver Support When caring for a loved one who

Medical Transportation for Elderly Parents Some challenges in life are just not pleasant. One may be convincing an elderly parent into a nursing home. But an even bigger challenge may be finding medical transportation for an elderly parent in a nursing home cross country in order to be closer to the family. Traveling (flying) back

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Patient Transportation Services So you’re searching for patient transportation services on the Internet and can’t decide who to choose. You find companies of various sizes, promising this and that for your trip. You find it difficult to determine who to trust? If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone! Trusting a Patient Transportation Company The Internet

Long Distance Medical Transportation Services Med Transport Center has offered the most comprehensive long distance medical transportation services in the industry for the past 30 years. Our MED Cruiser and MED Coach options provide efficient reliability, comfort and privacy. It’s nice to have the option to move around the MED Cruiser or MED Coach freely

Feedback on our Non Emergency Medical Transportation Services There’s a difference between knowing and just thinking you’re the best at what you do. The proof is in the pudding….. or better yet, the proof is in the feedback. And what folks have to say about Med Transport Center non emergency medical transport services are fabulous