Moving to a nursing home means a change, but it doesn’t have to be an unwanted change. Nursing homes are intended for persons who don’t need to be in a hospital, but still need access to more care than can be provided at home, and being in an environment with skilled nurses on hand 24 hours a day can give a feeling of safety and comfort.

Many nursing homes specialize in providing a home-like environment, and the staff members get to know the residents. Some nursing homes even let couples live together, giving a minimal interruption in everyday life.

The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services perform inspections of nursing homes and rate the performance in nurse staffing, health and safety, and quality of the medical care. There are many good nursing homes in Florida – around 30 percent earns an overall five star rating.

What’s Involved in the Nursing Homes Rating System?

medtransportcenter.comThe health inspection rating consists of the last three years onsite inspections. The staffing rating consists of the number of hours of care on average given each resident each day, and considers differences in level of need of care between residents. The quality measure rating consists of nine different physical and clinical measures.

Naturally, not having a five star rating doesn’t mean that a place is bad – a rating system can’t take everything into consideration. Choosing a nursing home should be based on the family’s and individual’s needs.

Florida is considered one of the best states to retire in, for a number of reasons, and many health care options and services are geared towards the elderly. Nursing homes are not an exception. Use the side menu bar on the right for more information and to find top rated nursing homes in your area of Florida (cities with the top rated nursing homes will be added weekly).

Travel to a nursing home in Florida

If you need long distance transportation to a nursing home in Florida, MED Transport Center can help you. Our medically equipped coaches are so comfortable it’s almost as if the stay at a first class nursing home begins on the road. Call us at 800-311-3412 for more information about our medical transport options, nurses and more.