Below are some of the medical transport questions that we are often asked. However, if you have a question that is not answered here, simply call us. We would be happy to assist you in getting all of the answers that you need to make an informed decision about your long distance medical transport.

Medical Transport Questions

What is the advantage of going in a MED Coach verses a stretcher van or ambulance?

Our customized MED Coach is designed to provide a higher quality of comfort and care for a long distance medical transport, unlike stretcher vans or ambulances, which are built for short distances. MED Coaches simply have better and more amenities than any other medical transport option.

Clients can sit up in a 36″ wide hospital type bed with remote controls and watch the scenery out of a large bay window vs. looking out the back of an ambulance or van lying on a narrow stretcher.  And the bed even has a therapeutic variable air flow cover on it to help prevent skin issues during transport. The on-board private bathroom is more comfortable and more accessible than getting out of an ambulance or van to use a public restroom and more private than using a bedside commode. However, if the patient has limited mobility our nurse can still assist you as well. There are even large flat screen TV’s, free WiFi, and a custom tablet filled with games and movies to enjoy during the journey. The luxurious differences continue with a microwave and refrigerator for hot and cold drinks, fresh foods, and snacks.  We have room to have a relative ride along with you, which is not possible in the back of an ambulance. Most stretcher vans do not have room for a comfortable leather recliner seat with a footrest and a second bed that are in each MED Coach.

Why would one choose to go by MED Coach instead of flying?

Transporting someone by MED Coach or by MED Flight is much simpler than trying to transport someone with medical needs on a commercial flight. When traveling on a commercial airliner there may be hassles with crowds, challenges with extra luggage, stress of deadlines to catch a flight, stress of going through security, cancelled flights, or waiting for hours inside the aircraft. Plus you may experience difficulty getting into a small and narrow seat. There is also no chance of lying flat, if the patient is not able to stay in a seated position for long periods.

On our medical transports you travel in privacy and there are no embarrassing moments with catheters, tubes, wires, oxygen masks etc. You travel when you want to travel. In short we remove the stress. You ride in luxury, first class, and are treated with the highest quality of service and care.

Why should I choose Med Transport Center over other companies?
  1. Experience
  2. We care
  3. Excellent service
  4. Excellent reputation
  5. Ground or Air options

We have been transporting patients for more than 30 years and take pride in the outstanding quality of our service. For more details on each transport option visit the MED Coach and MED Flight pages of this site.

How large are the MED Coaches?

The MED Coach is 25 feet in length and over 11 feet high. A six-foot tall person can easily stand up and walk around.

Why is the hospital type bed on a MED Coach better than a stretcher for long transports?

Stretchers are a great option for short distance transports of only a few hours. However, on long distance transports of 5 or more hours, they are not the best option. It is widely known that being confined to a small space where mobility is extremely limited for an extended period of time during travel can cause additional medical conditions to occur. This is especially true for those who already are in a weakened state from other medical issues. Two of the most common issues that may arise or become worse from use of stretchers during long transports are blood clots and skin problems such as tears, pressure ulcers, and wounds. Our beds help prevent these from occurring.

We have designed our coaches specifically for long distance medical transports. We use hospital type beds for many medical, comfort, and safety reasons:

  • They are much wider than a stretcher, allowing the patient to more easily rotate on their side. Our beds are 36 inches wide. The typical stretcher is only 22 inches wide.
  • Our hospital type beds have electric remote controls to allow the patient or nurse to easily raise or lower the head or feet multiple times during the journey.
  • A therapeutic variable air flow cover is installed over each mattress. These are used in many medical facilities and are specifically designed to help reduce skin issues during transport.
  • Eight inch thick memory foam mattress is more comfortable
  • Permanently installed in the vehicle to avoid possible accidents for not properly securing a stretcher
How do I decide whether it is best to transport by ground or air?

Give us a quick phone call .Our reservations team member will ask you a series of questions that will help determine the type of transport that is best for the person being transported.

Do I need to coordinate the trip between the facilities?

Transferring care and benefits from one state to another is very complicated and time consuming. We do all of the coordinating related to the transport to help lighten your load. We will contact each facility and request the information needed and work out times and dates too.

Can I bring a power chair or scooter?

If you have some larger items like a power chair, scooter, or extra luggage and belongings that need to be transported, we can provide an enclosed trailer to be pulled behind the Med Coach. Please let us know when you request your quote.

On a MED Coach does the nurse have other responsibilities, like driving?

Absolutely not. Our nurses are 100% focused on patient care during the transport. We provide two drivers on every transport so that our nurses are able to stay bedside during the entire journey.

I heard that you are a faith based company, is that true?

We are a faith based company. Our values of honesty and integrity flow through everything we do. We treat people the way we would want to be treated. If you have any specific questions or would like to know more about this, give us a call.