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MED Transport Center - Quality Transportation Services

We will do everything possible to keep our guests comfortable, entertained, and happy. That can include stopping at a famous tourist attraction, supporting the traveler at a family event, or stopping for a treat.

Actual Medical Transport Experiences

Surprise celebration.

“My father suffered a stroke while visiting us. He and mom wanted to go home for rehabilitation, and the MED Transport Center nurse realized they would be traveling during his birthday. They arranged for a birthday cake and a surprise celebration!”

Stopped for ice cream.

“My mothers dementia made her fear medical personnel. We needed to move her to us in Florida from her home in Maine to be able to care for her. The MED Transport Center staff dressed up in vacation clothes and told her she was going to Florida for vacation. The nurse worked hard to appear as a companion and they even stopped for ice cream along the way. Mom arrived to us both happy and safe.”

Sharing stories.

“When my grandfather’s home was to be inducted in the local historical society, he wanted to be present for the ceremony. It was a 24 hour journey one-way, and we worried the strain would be too much for him. MED Transport Center really stepped up for us. They shared pictures and stories along the way, and accompanied him to the ceremony. We couldn’t be more pleased.”

Grateful guests.

“My parents lived on the other side of the country, and when my father passed away, mom ended up alone in a nursing home. I wanted to bring her closer to me. The transport coordinators at MED Transport Center found out mom was too sick to attend dad’s funeral, so they offered to take her to the cemetery to help her say goodbye. We are so grateful for the personal touch and support.”

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