Med Transport Center provides luxurious patient transport services in medically equipped motor coaches outfitted with a hospital bed, a private bathroom, kitchen and your own private nurse. The medical coaches are designed to transport patients cross country or state to state, to attend a special function or to a renown medical center. You ride in comfort and are spoiled by the attention given to you by your own nurse as she helps you with all your medical needs including special foods, oxygen, suction, medication or just about anything you need. They will even stop for a Dairy Queen if you want one! And if you are passing nearby, you can even stop along the way to visit a friend or a family member, or just to drive through the town you once grew up in. Read More about our Medically Equipped Motor Coaches.

Why is this important for a Medical Transport Company provide luxurious patient transport services?

CBS National News covered a unique hospital in Michigan designed by Ritz-Carlton, which provides services at less cost than other hospitals, where patients are treated more like five-star hotel guests.

At the Henry Ford Hospital in West Bloomfield, Michigan, patients are greeted by wheelchair valets as they arrive. Rooms are private and are designed for family members to stay day or night. Instead of a cafeteria, there’s a real restaurant with fresh and healthy food options. Other hospital amenities include: a hair salon, a spa, and designer gift shops.

But don’t let these luxury conveniences fool you. This is a genuine hospital, with state-of-the-art medical equipment; they perform hundreds of procedures per week. Even though their mission and recovery rates are successful, many patients wish to return for post-care like yoga while others return for the sense of community and the friendships that they’ve made.

As if the existence of such a luxury hospital isn’t amazing enough, this hospital actually costs less than some other hospitals. CBS compared both chest and hip procedures to two other hospitals and found that Henry Ford Hospital is one-third to less than one-third the cost.

To find out more about this amazing hospital, Read CBS News’ full story.

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