MED Coach – for Long Medical Transport (over 300 miles)

The MED Coach is custom designed for long distance ground transports of over 300 miles! We have the biggest and most luxurious vehicles in the industry for your medical transport needs. Anyone who has increased medical needs or limited mobility, including the elderly, disabled, or even those who are just needing a little assistance during their travel will find our vehicles to be in a different class than any other option available. It is ideal for anyone seeking long distance medical transportation state-to-state or coast to coast.


MED Coach provides unmatched comfort & care on every transport!

  • Travel in a spacious MED Coach (25 foot Custom Designed Medical Transport)
  • Experienced Nurse (RN or LPN) bedside, caring for the patient
  • 2 Professional, Experienced & Well Rested Drivers, who sleep during their breaks in a bed above the cab
  • Patient & passenger’s choice of hot meals brought onboard from restaurants along the way
  • Snacks or drinks warmed in our onboard microwave, or kept cold the refrigerator
  • Patient rides facing forward, on a twin-size (36″ wide) hospital type bed with electric controls to easily change positions
  • Memory foam mattress with therapeutic variable air flow cover (helps prevent pressure sores on long transports)
  • Private bathroom, not a portable toilet or bedside commode
  • Medical Equipment to properly care for patients that most companies don’t have
  • 2 Professional Drivers
  • Hospital type bed with electric remote, variable air flow / memory foam mattress
  • Leather recliner with footrest & bed for family member
  • Free WiFi
  • Customized tablet loaded with games & movies

Security & Privacy

The 3 member team consists of 2 professional drivers plus a nurse. Two drivers are required for safety and allow for non-stop travel to your destination. All nurses have at least 5 years experience providing compassionate care; the nurse will be at bedside throughout the transport caring for your needs. The MED Coach is fully self-contained with air conditioning and heating, refrigerator, microwave, private bathroom, and a hospital-type bed with bed rails. Each coach has its own private bathroom.

You can watch movies on a private DVD player and munch on snacks. Our guests often like to stop for dinner or order out a special dinner and dessert. Most patients just enjoy watching the scenery, looking out the large windows on either side or watching the traffic through the front window.

Comfortable & Spacious

This beautiful long distance motor coach is 25 feet long. Plus the hospital-type adjustable bed comes with a memory foam mattress and a variable air-flow cover for additional comfort and to help prevent skin issues on a long distance medical transport. Our licensed Med Coach travel nurse will be providing bedside care and assistance during the entire transport. The head and foot of the bed can be elevated using the remote control to easily change position for added comfort. Side rails can be raised or lowered for comfort and protection as needed. Our nurse accommodates your needs by providing constant care such as monitoring blood pressure, providing oxygen, giving medications, etc. Non emergency medical transportation coaches are designed for safety, comfort and first class medical care.

When you or a loved one is in need of long distance medical transportation, one toll-free phone call is all you need to make!

Locations where Our Coaches are Usually Stationed Across the US

We strategically station our coaches in cities across the US so that we can quickly provide long distance medical transport services from a city near you to anywhere in the US and even lower Canada. This allows us to quickly provide the transport you need when you need it at a price that is in your budget.

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