Our MED Coach Fleet of Custom Ground Transport Vehicles

The MED Coach is the perfect choice for long distance medical transportation. It is designed for anyone who has increased medical needs or limited mobility, including the elderly, disabled, or even those who are just needing a little assistance during their travel. It is ideal for seniors or anyone seeking long distance medical transportation state-to-state or coast to coast.


First Class Comfort

The MED Coach is fully self-contained with air conditioning and heating, a hospital-type bed with bed rails, comfortable mattress, pillows and blankets. This beautiful long distance motor coach is 25 feet long. Plus the hospital-type adjustable bed comes with a memory foam mattress and a variable air-flow cover for additional comfort and to prevent skin issues during transport.

We are the ONLY company who offers this type of vehicle for long distance transports. Many of our competitors use Sprinter vans or Ford Transits for medical ground transports. They fail in comparison to the size, luxury, amenities, equipment, and comfort offered on our MED Coaches.

Our MED Coaches are truly the best option in Long Distance Medical Transportation.

Second Bed & Seat

MED Coaches are large enough to have a secondary bed with rails and even a leather Captain’s Chair with an extendable footrest. Both of these great amenities are provided for use by a secondary passenger or for the licensed nurse that will be providing medical care during the entire Medical Ground Transport.

This area of our coach is even equipped with its own large tinted window with a window blind that may be pulled down to take a nap or have more privacy. For even more privacy, there is even a privacy curtain that may be drawn around this area of our coach. No other company others this level of amenities for a family member on friend on a vehicle for long distance medical transportation.

Microwave, Vanity Sink Area, & Private Bathroom

Each coach also has a private bathroom with a door that latches for privacy. Outside the bathroom is a nice vanity area with a large mirror and sink with running water.

Next to this vanity area is a microwave where you can heat up beverages, make popcorn, or warm up your favorite snacks.

So, if you are considering traveling with your family member or friend on long distance medical transportation, you will find no other vehicle with nicer amenities for you than MED Coach.

Medical Storage & Refrigerator / Freezer

We have a refrigerator and freezer on every MED Coach to keep drinks, food, or even medicines cold until you need them. If there are favorite cold drinks you would like to have during the ground medical transport, simply ask and we will have it ready when we arrive for pickup. Of course, prior to your trip, our staff will confirm the patient’s dietary needs to make sure we are aware of what is acceptable and within their dietary constraints.

Each Med Coach is equipped for long distance medical transportation:

  • Oxygen Concentrators & Oxygen Tanks
  • Nebulizers
  • Suctioning Machines
  • Blenders for pureed food
  • and so much more.

If something specific is needed for your ground medical transport, just ask us. We may already have it available in our MED Coach. During the process of reviewing the medical information, we will also be looking to determine if there are any non-standard supplies that we need. We provide all the necessary medical supplies needed to provide proper care during the journey.

The Medical Transport Crew:

The 3 member team consists of 2 professional drivers plus a nurse. Two drivers are required for safety and allow for non-stop travel to your destination. All nurses have at least 5 years experience providing compassionate care; the nurse will be at bedside throughout the ground medical transport caring for your needs.

While Traveling:

You can watch movies on a flat screen TV or on a custom tablet loaded with games and movies. We will also offer meals from whatever restaurant sounds good to you that is available along the route. If that means you would like a steak dinner, a great cup of coffee, or your favorite ice cream, we will gladly stop to get it for you to make sure your journey is the best possible. You may also just enjoy watching the scenery, looking out the large windows on either side or through the front window.