Looking for a Long Distance Medical Transport by ground?

MED Coach is your best value for first class comfort and first class care on a long distance medical transport.

Just take a look at all these reasons why you should choose MED Coach:

  • Our beautiful MED Coaches are customized specifically for anyone needing a long distance medical transport of 300 to 3000 miles with many amenities not offered by other companies.
  • We have a fleet of vehicles stationed across the entire continental United States to keep your costs lower.
  • Extra services are provided before and during the transport that are only offered by MED Coach.
  • Med Transport Center’s experienced, professional team members have assisted in thousands of transports.
  • Reservations Team members handle your quote request quickly.
  • Quality bedside care is provided by a licensed nurse.
  • Our Courteous and Professional Drivers have great safety records and commercial driving licenses.
  • Those who have used us say great things about us and tell others about us, including case managers.
For all of these reasons and more, MED Coach truly is the best choice in long distance medical transport by ground

Take a Virtual Walk Inside a MED Coach

Largest Medical Transport Vehicle

Comfortable Bed for Patient

Additional Bed, Recliner, and Flat Screen TV

Leather Recliner with Footrest

Private Bathroom

Flat Screen TV's

Bed Remote to Easily Change Positions

Refrigerator & Freezer for Snacks & Drinks

Microwave to Heat Drinks or Snacks

Sink to Clean Up

Tablet filled with Games & Movies

MED Coaches are designed and equipped with amenities specifically for long distance medical transport from state to state or across the country.

  • Larger vehicle provides more comfortable journey
  • Oxygen concentrator and reserve tanks
  • Lots of medical equipment & supplies including nebulizer and suction
  • Mercedes Chassis and Engine
  • 36 inch wide hospital type bed with remote control permanently installed
  • Extra bed for family member or friend
  • Reclining Leather chair with footrest
  • On-board entertainment system with Large flat screen TV’s
  • WiFi for you to stay connected
  • Custom Tablet filled with Movies and Games
  • 8 inch thick memory foam mattress
  • Variable air flow mattress cover to help prevent skin issues
  • Refrigerator, freezer, and microwave
  • Private bathroom
  • Sinks for cleaning up

Think you might need Air Transport? We do that too!

Med Flight Air Ambulance services are coordinated by our sister company AirMD which arranges and utilizes its FAA Air Carrier Affiliates to provide 24-hour non-emergency air ambulance services throughout the world for long distance medical transport.

Have other Questions about MED Coach or our Services?

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