The MED Coach is designed to be comfortable. 

The coach is much longer and heavier than an ambulance or a van, and this helps even out any bumps on the road.

When you enter the MED Coach, you will see a comfortable sitting area with a sofa. There is room enough to bring a friend or relative along for the ride, and we can accommodate for most pets.

There is also an adjustable hospital bed with memory foam and constant air-flow mattress for optimal comfort. Many medical transportation companies use a stretcher, and that’s fine for short distances. For a long distance medical transport over 300 miles, you want to be comfortable and able to rest.


The coach has an onboard kitchen with fridge and microwave. Whatever your dietary needs might be, you will be well tended to. We have experience with food allergies, vegan/vegetarian diets, special diets due to medical conditions, and religious food restrictions. If you have an allergy or require a special diet it’s important that you tell us in advance, so we can prepare. You’re naturally welcome to bring your own favorite foods as well.


The coach also has an on-board bathroom, which provides privacy and convenience. There’s no need to stop and use public restrooms, and if you need help, your nurse is right by your side.