Non Emergency Transportation Options

Limited Mobility Vacations

A short 3-5 day outing lifts everyone’s spirits, but traveling can pose enormous obstacles when caring for a loved one. You can still enjoy our beautiful country. We make it possible.

Medical Coach Comfortable Interior The MED Coach offers a new and unique service for those who need or want to travel long distance. MED Coach provides a motor home with your own personal chauffeur, a comfortable bed, a private bathroom, and even a private nurse to travel with you if you need one. Call us at (800) 311-3412 for more information.

We make vacations possible for those with limited mobility. If you need assistance with meals, personal hygiene, catheters and tubes, bandages, wheelchairs, walkers, or something else, we can help you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call (800) 311-3412.

Our service is not just for vacations. We can help you if your loved one needs to go back home for hospital care. With a nurse at bed side for the entire trip, your loved one is in good hands. If your home is on the other side of the country we leave early in the morning and our two professional drivers drive through the night to your destination by sundown tomorrow.

medical equipment on board med coachThe MED Coach is retrofitted with a hospital bed, medical equipment, monitors, oxygen, suction, and the nurse will provide nebulizer treatments in-route if needed.

Call Med Transport Center at (800) 311-3412 to learn how we can make travel possible.

Don't Let Limited Mobility Hold You Back

Traveling gives something to look forward to and improves everyone’s outlook on life. We take you wherever you want to go, whether it is to visit friends and family back home, or go on a vacation to Key West, Niagara Falls, or the Grand Canyon.

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