Live in the Moment

You know how time tends to disappear when you’re engulfed in something you really like to do? That concentration and that level of being in the here and now erases worry and regrets, at least for a while. Staying in the present requires practice, but being here and now can relieve stress, battle the risk of burning out, and improve physical and mental health.

Meditation is the most used way to practice living in the moment. Meditation is about just being and creating inner peace. How often you meditate is more important than how long you do it every time, but most people find it takes at least 20 minutes for their mind to settle, so that is a good starting point.

If meditation isn’t your thing, here are some other ideas to try.

Pictures and Patterns

Drawing, painting, and doodling are great ways to stay focused in the now, and enjoy being in the now. Worries and regrets tend to disappear when drawing or studying art. It doesn’t matter if you’re not the next DaVinci; just splattering colors you like can give a feeling of freedom.


Putting a pen against paper and writing can also create a magic that shuts out everything but the words on the paper. Start a journal and set aside some time to write in it everyday. Writing down everyday experiences and feelings is also a great way to process impressions of the day. Many find that problems become smaller once they’re defined on paper.

Pursue Joy

If you find beauty and peace in poetry, music, dance, or reading, make sure you get some time to enjoy the art. If walking in the forest is your thing, do that. It is difficult to worry about illness or finances when your doing what you love, and shutting these worries out can make a fantastic difference in overall health.

Take Pauses

Our minds tend to work overtime, usually with worries about things we can’t change. This gets worse the busier we get. Build in pauses in your daily life, a few minutes at a time where you can shut everything out and just be. If you find this difficult, nature can help. Take a few moments to watch the stars in the evening, or take a walk along a lake or an ocean.

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