SeniorNursing homes are often associated with the elderly, but they’re really for anyone who needs more care than can be given in a home, but who doesn’t need to be in a hospital. Most nursing homes have skilled nurses available around the clock, and some are even set up like hospitals with medical care, physical therapy, speech therapy, and more. Others strive for a home-like environment.

Many nursing homes are specialized, or have special care units for persons with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Some have a special floor for certain health problems.

Pros and Cons Checklist for Choosing a Nursing Home

When it comes to choosing a nursing home, the process can vary depend on where the person is – if someone is in a hospital and will need more care than can be provided in a home environment for an extended period of time the case manager may suggest one or several suitable facilities. If a relative has been staying at home and a nursing home seems to be the right choice, you might have to put together a list with pros and cons yourself.

If you don’t know where to start, US News has made a list with the best nursing homes across the USA, and it is searchable by zip code. The list also shows whether Medicare and/or Medicaid are accepted, how many beds the nursing home has, and how it is rated for key points such as health and safety standards.

Helping-FamiliesThe ideal nursing home will be convenient to reach for family members, provide high quality care, offer a welcome and supportive environment, and fall within a cost range that insurance and family can absorb.

Naturally, take your loved one’s preferences into account. If music, art, religious services, or a special type of food is central to your loved one, making sure that these needs are accommodated can play a huge role in your loved one’s well being.


Some things to consider include:

  • Is the nursing home clean? Does it smell good?
  • Does the nursing home seem well maintained? Look out for loose carpeting and similar that residents can stumble upon.
  • Do the residents look well cared for?
  • Are the rooms big enough? Will your loved one want to share a room or have one of their own?
  • Are there safety features?
  • Ratio of nurses to residents
  • Types of medical coverage including
  • What type of food is served?
  • Are there any additional services?

Long Distance Transportation to a Nursing Home

If you or your loved one needs long distance transportation to a nursing home for whatever reason, MED Transport Center can help. We have more than 30 years of experience providing compassionate, private and caring medical transportation services. Our medically equipped motor coaches are comfortable and safe; each transport crew includes two professional drivers and a licensed nurse, and we can accommodate dietary needs as well as provide entertainment.

Our medically equipped motor coaches are designed for long distance transports, ensuring that we care for the needs of our guests. Our motor coaches include medical equipment such as:

  • Suction equipment
  • Oxygen concentrator
  • Glucometer
  • Catheter bags
  • Oximeter
  • Kangaroo pump

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