Choosing a company for non emergency medical transportation can be a challenge. There are many options from different providers, and most people only need services such as ours during times of stress. We meet many families where someone has fallen sick, needs to move across the country to a nursing home or to be closer to the family, needs to travel home because of illness, or to a specialist for cancer, heart disease, or similar.

The situations vary, but have one thing in common: there is a lot to think about, and the transportation shouldn’t add frustration or worry.

Med Transport Center has more than 30 years’ experience with non emergency medical transportation. Whatever your medical condition might be, our nurses have seen it before and will do everything humanly possible to keep you comfortable and safe. There is also a physician standing by just a phone call away in case anything would change during the journey.

Ground Transportation Options

We can offer ground transportation in a comfortable and medically equipped coach. These coaches are designed around the needs of our guests and their families – there is room for a family member or a friend to come along, and we can accommodate most pets. Our most popular and economical ground transport option is the MED Coach, which is very spacious, comfortable and luxurious.

The medical coaches are spacious, have private bathrooms and kitchens, adjustable hospital beds, and other amenities. They also have ample medical equipment, such as catheter bags, oximeter, kangaroo pump, oxygen concentrator, glucometer, medications, and suction equipment.

Each ground transport comes with two professional drivers and an experienced nurse.

Air Ambulance Medical Flights

We can also offer air ambulance transportation if time is of the essence. We evaluate your situation and make sure you have the aircraft and staff that’s right for your situation. The medical teams are made up of a flight nurse and a paramedic or respiratory therapist. It is also possible to add a flight physician if wanted or needed.

Regardless of the medical transportation type, we will make sure you arrive to your destination promptly and safely. Call our experienced coordinators today at 800-311-3412 to learn more and to get a free quote.