Should I take on the transport on my own?

Long distance medical transportation can be necessary, but taking a long trip with a person who requires medical care can cause unexpected complications. Just getting a person in and out of an ordinary car can pose a challenge, especially if there is a wheelchair involved.

Renting a van or a camper can be a feasible alternative, but a long transport can cause unpredictable complications, such as developing pressure sores and blood clots from sitting too long. When transporting someone in a regular car it is important that they can shift their weight and do leg exercises.

If you move someone on your own, you need to schedule for frequent breaks, and plan ahead. It is important to know where to find suitable rest stops that are handicap friendly. If the person transported suffers from dementia it is particularly important to be able to keep an eye on them during rest stops; you don’t want your loved one to wander off. Persons with dementia sometimes also open car doors when the vehicle is moving and attempt to get out. Changes are difficult, and the journey will cause confusion.

Scheduling a Long Distance Transport

A longer trip should be broken up into several days, which means planning for handicap friendly hotel rooms. Frail persons, particularly those bound to a wheelchair cannot sit in a car for a 10-12 hour drive. Even in a van with ample space, an elderly person should not sit for more than a couple of hours. They should be moved around and checked for sores, clots, and swelling.

If you are considering self transporting your loved one, you also need to make a complete budget that includes possible rental of camper or van, fuel, supplies, oxygen, and whatever else might be needed along the way. If you’re renting a vehicle, consider whether you are used to handling something that size. Will it become a stress factor? Most people do not drive a camper on a regular basis, and handling one in strong wind, hard rain, or on a slippery road can be nerve wrecking.

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Long trips are fatiguing for the caregiver, the driver, and the patient. Med Transport Center transports from 300 miles in a medically configured motor coach. Each team consists of two professional drivers and an experienced nurse ready to deal with any problems.

Patients ride in a hospital bed on a continuous airflow therapeutic mattress. Our goal is to keep everyone comfortable and safe. An on-board bathroom eliminates the rest stop problem.

Each coach is fully medically equipped and outfitted with an oxygen concentrator, back-up oxygen tanks, nebulizer, suction machine and feeding tube. The vehicles are also equipped with a blender/food processor and microwave.

We allow a family member or friend to come along for the ride, and we are pet friendly. The coach will pick up at home, at a nursing home, or other place of your choice. Call us at 800-311-3412 to discuss how we can help you solve your transportation problem and make the journey as pleasant as possible for everyone.