When asked about health risks for women many will list breast cancer as the top cause of death. In the USA, one in five women will have a stroke, and strokes kill twice as many women as breast cancer does. Women have unique risk factors for stroke, and six out of every ten people who

Parkinson’s disease is a disorder of the nervous system that affects movement and speech. Shaking is probably the most known symptom, and a person with Parkinson’s is unable to control tremors in their limbs. Recently, Danish researches have made some interesting discoveries regarding Parkinson’s disease. Since the disease affects the brain it has seemed reasonable

Most of us know sleeping is important, and the average person needs between seven and eight hours per night. A lack of sleep can lead to a row of side effects such as headaches, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and depression. New research also shows lack of sleep may be connected with Alzheimer’s disease. Many persons

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A stroke happens when brain tissue dies because a blood vessel in the brain ruptures, or because the blood supply to the brain is cut off. This is a serious condition and strokes are the fifth leading cause of death in the USA according to the CDC. In average, one American dies from stroke every

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COPD is short for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, and this is really a group of diseases that cause problems related to breathing and airflow blockage. Emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and even some cases of asthma are included in the COPD group. COPD is generally caused by smoking and other air pollutants, but respiratory infections and genetic

It is important for health and well being to have a sense of belonging and a place to call home. These needs in no way disappear as we age, and this often clashes with decreased independence. Our society attaches a stigma to old age, and moving into a specialized environment can feel like the end

Swedish scientists have studied four lifestyle behaviors associated with a lower risk of heart attacks, and found that combining these four with physical activity gave an 86 percent lower risk than high risk groups, and a 79 percent lower risk than the average group who practiced some but not all healthy behaviors. This means that

For a pet lover, giving up the company of pets is unthinkable, and many seniors fear the day they can no longer take care of their animal friends. Pair this with all the health benefits that come with having pets, and it is easy to see why an increasing number or senior living communities allow

Arthritis affects more than 50 million Americans, and there are more than 100 different types. It is the leading cause of disability in the USA. Many associate the disease with high age, but two thirds of people affected are under 65 years old, and hundreds of thousands of children have arthritis. While there are many

Big changes are often difficult, even if they lead to something better. As we grow older, most people’s lives undergo a number of major changes in a short period of time, and it can be difficult to cope. Many experience a sense of loss, and this needs to balance with positive ingredients for a person