It is estimated that 70% of people that are turning 65 will require long term care for an average of 3 years with one of those years being in a nursing facility.¹ Individuals age 85 and older represent the fastest growing segment of population currently and in the future.² In 2012, there was an estimated

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Choosing a company for non emergency medical transportation can be a challenge. There are many options from different providers, and most people only need services such as ours during times of stress. We meet many families where someone has fallen sick, needs to move across the country to a nursing home or to be closer

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Arthritis affects more than 50 million Americans, and there are more than 100 different types. It is the leading cause of disability in the USA. Many associate the disease with high age, but two thirds of people affected are under 65 years old, and hundreds of thousands of children have arthritis. While there are many

My mom is in a nursing home near when she lives, and I want to move her to a nursing home closer to us. She can’t walk, but she uses a wheelchair. The trip would take at least twelve hours and I don’t think she could sit in the car for that long. Do you

What is the Cost of Non Emergency Medical Transportation? The rates for non emergency medical transportation can vary significantly by company. The following include reasons why medical transportation rates differ so much: Total mileage is a main factor for long distance or state to state medical transports. The medical crew – Med Transport Center provides

Medical Transportation for Elderly Parents Some challenges in life are just not pleasant. One may be convincing an elderly parent into a nursing home. But an even bigger challenge may be finding medical transportation for an elderly parent in a nursing home cross country in order to be closer to the family. Traveling (flying) back

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Feedback on our Non Emergency Medical Transportation Services There’s a difference between knowing and just thinking you’re the best at what you do. The proof is in the pudding….. or better yet, the proof is in the feedback. And what folks have to say about Med Transport Center non emergency medical transport services are fabulous