When choosing a long distance medical transportation provider, many focus on the price, forgetting to compare other differences between the providers. There is more to medical transports than just getting a vehicle from Florida to California, or from Texas to New York, and you need a provider you can trust. When you get long distance

When you’re calling different transport companies to find the best long distance solution for your needs, figuring out the differences in cost and benefits can seem overwhelming. How much difference can there really be when transporting a person from point A to point B? As it turns out, quite a bit. The best type of

If you need or want to travel long distance with medical conditions, you will find a plethora of companies wanting to take you. There are differences, both in services rendered and in cost. To be able to choose, it’s important that you ask yourself some questions. Things to consider include: How important is it that

Family is important, and being able to attend family celebrations and spend holidays together is a big part of life. These get-togethers create wonderful memories that last a lifetime. Finding time together can be difficult, especially if the family is separated by distance and medical conditions. We understand, and we want families to be able

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Air Ambulance Cost

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What does an air ambulance cost? A typical air ambulance transport from California to North Carolina costs around $31,000! While a typical long distance medical transport by ground from California to North Carolina costs around $13,000. The question you need to be asking is what long distance medical transportation option best suits my needs and

What is the Cost of Non Emergency Medical Transportation? The rates for non emergency medical transportation can vary significantly by company. The following include reasons why medical transportation rates differ so much: Total mileage is a main factor for long distance or state to state medical transports. The medical crew – Med Transport Center provides