When choosing a long distance medical transportation provider, many focus on the price, forgetting to compare other differences between the providers. There is more to medical transports than just getting a vehicle from Florida to California, or from Texas to New York, and you need a provider you can trust. When you get long distance

The MED Cruiser is designed to be comfortable. The medically equipped coach is 25 feet long, and has air suspension bags to make the ride as smooth as possible. The coach is much longer and heavier than an ambulance or a van, and this helps even out any bumps on the road. When you enter

Traveling with severe COPD is possible, but requires some extra preparations. We have put together a list of things important to consider but easy to forget: Notify your doctor If you have any doubts about your ability to travel, talk to your doctor. They might also need to provide you with paperwork verifying all your

Pet Friendly Travel

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Assistance dogs such as service dogs, guide dogs, and hearing dogs are covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act. That means their handler has the right to bring them to any place that is open to the public. However, regular pets fill important functions too, and around 80 million dogs and 90 million cats live

Should I take on the transport on my own? Long distance medical transportation can be necessary, but taking a long trip with a person who requires medical care can cause unexpected complications. Just getting a person in and out of an ordinary car can pose a challenge, especially if there is a wheelchair involved. Renting

Family is important, and being able to attend family celebrations and spend holidays together is a big part of life. These get-togethers create wonderful memories that last a lifetime. Finding time together can be difficult, especially if the family is separated by distance and medical conditions. We understand, and we want families to be able

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Long Distance Medical Transportation Services Med Transport Center has offered the most comprehensive long distance medical transportation services in the industry for the past 30 years. Our MED Cruiser and MED Coach options provide efficient reliability, comfort and privacy. It’s nice to have the option to move around the MED Cruiser or MED Coach freely