Labor day is always the first Monday in September, and the day was created to celebrate the labor movement and the social and economic achievements of workers in the USA. It has been celebrated since the 19th century. Today, many Americans use it as an opportunity to get together, share a meal, and share memories.

A stroke happens when brain tissue dies because a blood vessel in the brain ruptures, or because the blood supply to the brain is cut off. This is a serious condition and strokes are the fifth leading cause of death in the USA according to the CDC. In average, one American dies from stroke every

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Family means so much, but life tends to get busy, and even the tightest relationships slip apart. Luckily, we have holidays, giving a reason to pause from everyday life and get together. Time spent together is so important. What we do together today will be tomorrow’s memories, creating something valuable to look back at in

Mothers mean so much. When we’re small they love us, feed us, teach us, and kiss away any booboos on scrubbed knees. When we grow up they still love us, no matter what. Many lose the connection with time, because life is busy. This is particularly true if the family is separated by distance and

Moving can be an ordeal at the best of times, even when a person is in great health and the move is voluntary. It doesn’t become any easier with medical conditions and a possibly unwanted move to an assisted living facility. In a best case scenario such a move is a relief and welcome change,

Easter is a wonderful holiday. Spring is just around the corner, and no matter how you celebrate, Easter holds promises of summer and light. Many are still stressed by holidays and feel insufficient if the food isn’t just right, if the decorations aren’t perfect, or if something else becomes a little different than it used

Every stage in life comes with change to some degree, and retirement isn’t an exception. Not every change is bad, and being prepared can ease the stress of even unwanted changes. Nursing homes are intended for those who don’t need to be in a hospital, but require more care than can be given at home.

Florida with its pleasant climate, fun activities, and plentiful amenities is a popular state for retirees to the point where it is often called the best state in which to retire. Many health care services and options in Florida are planned to fit the elderly, and the state has many excellent hospitals and nursing homes.

A nursing home is a place for someone who needs care around the clock, but isn’t so sick that they have to be in a hospital. Many who live in nursing homes are seniors, but these facilities are intended for anyone who suffers a severe or debilitating illness and is unable to care for themselves.

Sometimes the body’s immune system attacks healthy body tissue by mistake, and this is called an autoimmune disorder. There are over 80 known types with arthritis being the most well known. They all have one thing in common: the immune system destroying normal tissue. White blood cells protect the body against bacteria, viruses, toxins, and