A “Transport Special” occurs when you are able to schedule your trip to begin when our medical coach or aircraft is already in your area. Significant savings are passed on to you as the aircraft or medical coach does not have to be repositioned to your area. *Specials valid from these locations to destinations nationwide.

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Nursing homes are often associated with the elderly, but they’re really for anyone who needs more care than can be given in a home, but who doesn’t need to be in a hospital. Most nursing homes have skilled nurses available around the clock, and some are even set up like hospitals with medical care, physical

The word hospice occurs frequently all over the Internet, but it’s not always explained. A hospice provides medical services and emotional support to persons in the last stages of a serious illness. The goal is to keep everyone comfortable and to reach a good quality of life. Even though hospice care focuses on late stages

Going to the doctor can be both scary and a relief, but some diagnoses are definitely more frightening than others. No one wants to hear the words, “Unfortunately, we found cancer.” Remember, the sooner it’s discovered, the better! While cancer still takes lives, medical science has advanced at a steady pace. Some types of cancer

The MED Coach is luxury on wheels. These full size buses are up to 40’ long and built to provide the ultimate in long distance medical transportation. The length and weight of the coach evens out any bumps on the road and provides a smooth ride. This is the most comfortable way to travel. Besides

The MED Cruiser is designed to be comfortable.  The coach is much longer and heavier than an ambulance or a van, and this helps even out any bumps on the road. When you enter the MED Cruiser, you will see a comfortable sitting area with a sofa. There is room enough to bring a friend