Labor day is always the first Monday in September, and the day was created to celebrate the labor movement and the social and economic achievements of workers in the USA. It has been celebrated since the 19th century. Today, many Americans use it as an opportunity to get together, share a meal, and share memories.

Family means so much, but life tends to get busy, and even the tightest relationships slip apart. Luckily, we have holidays, giving a reason to pause from everyday life and get together. Time spent together is so important. What we do together today will be tomorrow’s memories, creating something valuable to look back at in

Mothers mean so much. When we’re small they love us, feed us, teach us, and kiss away any booboos on scrubbed knees. When we grow up they still love us, no matter what. Many lose the connection with time, because life is busy. This is particularly true if the family is separated by distance and

Valentine’s Day is a happy day for many, but it is also a day when those who are truly lonely are reminded of their loneliness, and it is bittersweet for those who have suffered loss. Whether you celebrate it yourself or not, take some extra time to dote on your elderly loved ones, especially if