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$650 off transports from Nebraska to Florida. Use promo code: NENV19FB. $500 off transports leaving Texas to Florida. Use promo code: TXFLNV19FB. $700 off transport starting in California and heading
  Jennifer    October 30, 2019    0
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The professionals at MedTransportCenter take many calls inquiring on different questions on how long distance non-emergency medical transportation work. Our reservationist does a fantastic job answering any question in compassionate
  Jennifer    October 28, 2019    0
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➡️$800 Off – Transport ending in CA 1000 miles or more. Use promo code: CAOCT19BL.* ➡️$500 Off – Travel leaving Indiana 800 miles or more. Use promo Code: INOCT19FB.* ➡️$500
  Jennifer    October 16, 2019    0
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While it is ideal that most families live in close proximity to their loved ones. Most families are spread apart with some being a great distance in between, which makes
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One of the scariest feelings for an adult is to find out your parent or senior loved one fell and no one was there to help. Many thoughts run through
  Jennifer    August 2, 2019    0
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Many articles have been written on the basics of how to keep a mind active. Obvious ideas are exercise, diet, sleep well, or reading a book. While I will discuss
  Jennifer    July 20, 2019    0
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While medical advances and higher standards of living are extending the life of many seniors, caring for this generation, as well as the next, will require encouragement and motivation for
  Jennifer    June 21, 2019    0
In this article, we discuss tips on how to transport a bedridden senior. Now, there is a difference between seniors who are bedridden and those on bed rest. Typically, bedridden
  Jennifer    June 9, 2019    0
pet therapy
Animals can provide a calming effect for those patients under stress, anxious or depressed. Pet therapy is a mild form of therapy for seniors. If your senior loved one is
  Jennifer    May 28, 2019    0
If you are searching for which one might be best for you or a loved one, you may question – What is the difference? Which is the best option? The
  Jennifer    May 22, 2019    0
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Typical long distance transport vehicles are compact minivans, transport vans, non-emergency medical RV and air ambulances. Compact Minivan Transport A compact minivan transport are tighter than a transport van with
  Jennifer    May 3, 2019    0
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Did you know that… 20% of adults aged 55 or older experienced some type of mental health concern, and nearly one in three do not receive the treatment needed? With
  Jennifer    April 15, 2019    0
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