FAQ – How does Med Transport Center Transport a Seriously Ill Patient to a Facility in another State?

The professionals at Med Transport Center take many calls inquiring on different questions on how long distance non-emergency medical transportation work. Our reservationist does a fantastic job answering any question in compassionate and thorough detail. This article discusses one of our top FAQs. If you have any further questions, one can speak to our receptionist directly at 1-800-311-3412.

Here are the steps you should take when you are trying to Transport a Patient to a Facility in another State:

  1. Many facilities have different levels of care; examples include, skilled nursing, long term care(LTC), assisted living, memory care, hospice and those that specialize for particular needs.
    • Once you locate a facility that will properly care for the patient, call us to discuss the special needs of the patient and we will provide you our recommendations on how we would assist transporting your patient over state lines to the facility of your choice. If you have trouble finding a facility, ask your case manager or social worker for help. You can also visit https://healthfinder.gov/FindServices/SearchContext.aspx?topic=820&show=1.
  2. After deciding on the care facility, have the case manager or social service provider reach out to the care facility and request them to send the necessary documents for approval of admittance. Complete paperwork and follow up for approval.
  3. Once you have the patient scheduled to begin care at the facility of your choice, you should now research transport companies to aide in the process to make the transport as seamless as possible.
  4. Make sure if you are leaving from a hospital that they are willing to discharge. Follow up with the primary doctor and case manager regarding discharge planning and orders. Many Non-Emergency Medical Transport companies are unable to transport a patient that is leaving against medical advice (AMA). If the patient is going to another hospital, make sure that they are willing to admit them. Transport companies are not allowed to drop patients off at the emergency room. This is considered dumping, unless it is a direct order from a doctor at that hospital.Ask Our Receptionist: How does Med Transport Center Transport a Seriously Ill Patient to a Facility in another State?
  5. Now it is time to look for a long distance medical transport company that matches the patients needs. Compare the transport companies by requesting the following information. Any reputable company would be able to provide this information and it be readily available.
    • What type of vehicle is the patient transported in? You can take a look in ours by visiting our 360 view by clicking ——> Med Coach
    • What type of Nurse do they use?
    • What level of care they provide?
    • What type of bed/chair is the patient transported in?
    • How many drivers they provide?
    • How many years have they been in business?
    • Are they licensed and insured?
    • What type of amenities are provided to patient and for additional passengers?
    • Do they provide food?
    • Are animals allowed?
    • Does the price match what is provided?
  6. During the time preparing for discharge with the physician/case management team, provide the transport company you selected pick up and drop off information and they can plan the transport for you and coordinate between the facilities. 
  7. The transport company will request medical from the pick up, request passenger information, verify with the drop off facility that they are willing to admit the patient, as well as, ask for the patient and passengers dining preferences.
  8. Times of the transport are usually “officially” assigned once the medical order is received. BE CAREFUL OF COMPANIES PROMISING TIMES AND DATES BEFORE RECEIVING MEDICAL. Many times once they receive the actual agreement from you they will be assigned a date. When they receive the medical and the transport is actually approved then times will be assigned.
  9. The nurse on the transport should be in contact with the family and the facility prior to transport to introduce themselves and ask/answer any questions to begin the dialog for quality patient care. 
  10. Our operations team plans the entire transport and relays the time to all parties involved. When the team is approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour out from the facility they contact the facility and speak with the nurse liaison. The nurse is the only one who receives the medical report. All healthcare information is kept strictly confidential.
  11. For a seriously ill patient, our nurses have on average over 20 plus years of experience. If the transport requires the assistance of the drivers, under the direction of the nurse, lift the patient on board. We can use a transfer chair, back board, or mega mover.
  12. The standard nursing protocol for a seriously ill patient is designed to fit the patients needs. Some patients require being moved every hour, or changed every 2 hours, some need higher levels of oxygen so they are monitored based on their needs. If they are able to eat, the patient will have a choice of breakfast, lunch, and dinner from ANY restaurant along the way and we provide meals at no additional cost.


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