Nationwide & International Air Ambulance Services

Medical Flight Services

National & International Flights

Med Transport Center's air ambulance flights are dispatched from one of our seven worldwide affiliate providers. We coordinate your request to have the staff and aircraft that are right for your situation and your itinerary. Medical teams are made up of a Flight Nurse and a Paramedic or Respiratory Therapist on each medically equipped aircraft. A Flight Physician may be added to your team as needed or if requested.

Med Transport Center's Air Ambulance Physicians

A board certified emergency physician and flight physician with 30 years of air ambulance transport experience works and oversees the day-to-day operations. This allows for medical direction and consultation to any of our air ambulances with 24-hour availability.

What are the benefits of using our Air Ambulance Transport services?

We have air ambulance aircrafts that are medically equipped and readily available nationwide; which allows for quicker response times & faster service. Since we have more convenient hubs, this leads to being able to offer competitive prices for air ambulance against any other service. The number of choices for aircraft and ground transportation yields a safe and efficient bed-to-bed solution.

Our air ambulance teams adhere to standardized procedures to assure patient safety. Med Transport Center ensures all of our medical care teams provide the best quality patient care to each passenger using our services.

Standards of every International Air Ambulance Service

All International Air Ambulance Providers meet equivalent U.S. standards that include:

  • Medical Team: Experienced and trained in Aviation Medicine.
  • Medical Stretcher: Certified FAA, or equivalent to the country e.g. CAA, JACCO
  • Medical equipment and Monitors: Cardiac, Respiratory, Pulse Oximetry, BP monitors
  • 3-5 yrs. ICU, ER experience with flight medicine training
  • ACLS, Flight Nurse, Respiratory Therapist/P-EMT, and flight physicians/ intensivist


Fastest Transport Option

  • Fastest way to travel if time is critical
  • For critical and non-critical patient
  • Ground transport / ambulances required
  • Restricted to cities with a suitable size airport
  • Lear Jet and King Air prop-jet most commonly used

Confidence in Our Services

Dr. Kreye1

Overseeing each of our transports is Dr. Kenneth Kreye MD. Dr. Kreye has over 30 years of experience in aviation medicine and under his direction each year over 500 patients have been transported since 1983.