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Med Transport Center’s Air Ambulance flights are dispatched from one of our seven worldwide affiliate providers fleet of air ambulance aircraft. We coordinate your request to have the staff and aircraft that are right for your situation and your itinerary.  Each aircraft is equipped with the similar medical monitoring technology commonly found in an intensive care unit. Through its sister company AirMD, we arrange air ambulance transportation on US and Internationally medically configured air ambulance fleet


  • Domestically we typically arrange air ambulance transports on  Learjet, King Air Prop-Jet and Cessna twin engine aircraft.


  • The Gulfstream III, IV, and V are much larger aircraft carrying up to 4 patients and flying long distance air ambulance flights to Europe, the Middle East Latin America, and the Pacific Rim.  The Challenger 602 and 603 compliment the Gulfstream aircraft in size and range for international flights.

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Gulfstream III, IV, and V & Challenger

The Gulfstream Air Ambulance configured jet specializes in international transports flying in excess 3,500 miles non stop.  The Gulfstream jet can accommodate 4 passengers in addition to the patient and medical crew.   The Gulfstream and Challenger air ambulance jets offer the most spacious and luxurious transport options.

Lear Jets

Lear 35 and Lear 36 Air Ambulance Jets  offer the most cost effective intercontinental private air ambulance travel.   One family member may accompany the patient when the condition requires two medical personnel.   The Lear 36 XL  range approximately doubles the standard air ambulance jet range allowing for fewer refueling stops on international air ambulance transports.  The Lear 35 offers extra seating and baggage capacity. Both the jets are available for long distance domestic transports.

Cessna Citation

Cessna Citation V Jet flies 350 mph and 35,000 ft.   The Citation V offers a slightly slower and more economical option to standard Lear Jet air ambulance aircraft.

Twin Turboprop

The King Air 200 flies at 250 mph and accommodates two patients.    It offers a cost effective alternative for 800-1,000 mile medical transports.  The King Air is most commonly used for transports along the North East United States corridors.

Gulfstream Air Ambulance
Learjet Air Ambulance
Citation Air Ambulance
King Air Air Ambulance

Standards of every International Air Ambulance Service

All preferred International Air Ambulance affiliate providers meet equivalent U.S. standards that include:

  • Medical Team: Experienced and trained in Aviation Medicine.
  • Medical Stretcher: Certified FAA, or equivalent to the country e.g. CAA, JACCO
  • Medical equipment and Monitors: Cardiac, Respiratory, Pulse Oximetry, BP monitors
  • 3-5 yrs. ICU, ER experience with flight medicine training
  •  ACLS Flight Teams, Flight Nurse, Respiratory Therapist/P-EMT, and flight physicians/ intensivist

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*Air MD arranges and utilizes the services of affiliated partners who hold a certified FAA Part 135 air carrier certificate to provide non-emergency air medical transportation services. Air MD is solely an “Indirect Air Carrier” and does not retain economic authority conferred by the Civil Aeronautics Board under the 14 C.F.R. Part 135 regulations. Air MD does not perform, retain or execute any form of operational control in accordance with the FAA F.A. R. 14 C.F. Part 135 Regulations.

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