Air Ambulance Medical Transportation

We provide state to state Air Ambulance Medical Transportation for seriously ill patients who are unable to fly commercially or travel by ground non-emergency medical transportation.

Air Ambulance Medical Transportation by Med Flight

Air Ambulance Medical Transportation is coordinated by our sister company AirMD which arranges and utilizes its FAA Air Carrier Affiliates to provide 24-hour non-emergency air ambulance medical transportation services throughout the world. By working with our affiliate carriers we can offer:

  • A Larger fleet of aircraft to choose from.
  • We can locate cost savings by selecting the air carrier whose aircraft is closest to your location on the desired transport day. Check out our Empty Leg Listings below.
  • Quicker response times to your location.  We typically have aircraft with 1.5 hours of your location.
  • We provide long range international  jets including Gulfstream and Challenger.   Learn more about our available air ambulance aircraft fleet.
  • Board Certified emergency medicine physician with over 30 years experience consulting on air ambulance transports. Learn more about our Med Flight Medical Crews and Pilots.


Medical Crew loading a patient into an air ambulance.

Welcome to Your Fastest Medical Transport Option.

When to consider Air Ambulance?

  • When time is critical and the transport needs to happen within a day.

  • Need a emergency medical transport for critical care patients.

  • When you are restricted to cities with a suitable size airport.

  • If more than one family member wants to travel safely with the patient.

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What are the benefits of using our Medical Transportation services?

There are many benefits in hiring Med Transport Center for you Air Ambulance Medical Transportation needs. First, we have many Jets that are medically equipped and readily available nationwide. Why is this important? Because it allows for quicker response times & faster service. In other words, since we have more convenient hubs, we can often offer highly competitive prices for air medical transports. 

Second, we have many aircraft options for you to chose from so we can offer a safe and efficient bed-to-bed solution for your specific Air Ambulance requirements.

Last, but not least, our flight teams adhere to the industry standards to assure patient safety. Med Transport Center ensures all of our medical care teams provide the best quality patient care to each passenger using our services.

*Air MD arranges and utilizes the services of affiliated partners who hold a certified FAA Part 135 air carrier certificate to provide non-emergency air medical transportation services. Air MD is solely an “Indirect Air Carrier” and does not retain economic authority conferred by the Civil Aeronautics Board under the 14 C.F.R. Part 135 regulations. Air MD does not perform, retain or execute any form of operational control in accordance with the FAA F.A. R. 14 C.F. Part 135 Regulations.