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MED Transport Center's Medical Transport Services

Before the Transport

Initial Contact

When a family member or case manager contacts MED Transport Center to inquire about a transport, an experienced medical transportation coordinator will ask about:

  • The traveler’s medical condition
  • Diagnosis
  • Departure and destination cities
  • When the trip should take place

The coordinator will also discuss services to determine which fits the best, and answer any questions.

Transport coordinator giving quote.


During the reservation process, the transport coordinator will ask more detailed questions about the departure and arrival facilities.

Within three days of the trip, the coordinator will contact facilities or caregivers to ask for information about:

  • Current physical condition
  • Medications
  • Special diets
  • Other special needs
Physician and nurse.

This medical report will be reviewed by MED Transport Center’s medical desk to determine the traveler’s needs and to assign the appropriate nurse to the trip.

The transport coordinator stays in touch with the family and any facilities involved to report estimated arrival and departure times. The nurse will also call the family and departure facility to introduce herself and discuss special needs and requests.

During the Transport

Throughout the trip, the team will:

  • Check the patient’s vitals
  • Offer freshly cooked hot meals
  • Tend to rest room needs
  • Administer medications
  • Contact the family with periodic updates
  • Offer entertainment such as movies, games, and similar

Transport nurse with patient.

The team strives to make the trip feel like an enjoyable outing and not like a medical transport. Some travelers want to stop for dinner or ice cream, or to see something along the way.

Arriving at the Destination

When arriving at the destination, the team will follow the traveler into the facility or home and make sure they’re comfortably settled in.

Everyone at MED Transport Center are grateful for the trust placed in us. We strive to provide the absolute best in safety and care.