My mom is in a nursing home near when she lives, and I want to move her to a nursing home closer to us. She can’t walk, but she uses a wheelchair. The trip would take at least twelve hours and I don’t think she could sit in the car for that long. Do you have any advice?

A: I would definitely recommend our MED Cruiser option. It is an economical and comfortable way to travel, and works very well for seniors traveling state-to-state or cross-country. The MED Cruiser comes with two professional drivers and a registered nurse, it is medically equipped, has a private bathroom, and a hospital type bed.

Why don’t you use a van?

A: Vans are okay for short distances, but not comfortable for long distance transports. Medical transport vans are generally equipped with “stretcher beds” which are uncomfortable for long distances, they don’t have medical resuscitation equipment, and they do not have a bathroom.

Can I bring my pet?

A: We are pet friendly, and most pets can tag along for the ride. Smaller pets should be kept in a crate, and larger pets should be on a leash.

You have several transport alternatives. Which should I choose?

A: It depends on circumstances and what you want to achieve. The MED Cruiser is most economical. The MED Coach is most comfortable. The MED Flight air ambulance is the fastest. For more information, call our transport coordinators at 800-311-3412.

How comfortable is the ride?

A: Our medically equipped motor coaches are built to be comfortable for long distance travel. It is not the same thing as an ambulance or van. The coaches have a special chassis with very long wheelbase. They also have independent front suspension that provides a smooth ride, and they have airbags to cushion any bumps. Our coaches weigh four times as much as an ambulance and twice as much as an RV, and this helps smooth out the roughness of the road. The coaches also have amenities for entertainment, microwave and fridge, and room for a relative or friend to come along.

More Frequently Asked Questions about Long Distance Medical Transportation

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