One of the best ways to help fight caregiver burnout is to attend a support group with like minded caregivers who understand the struggles you are going through. When you are in a safe environment you can vent any frustration, worries or concerns you may have. Many times, caregivers feel isolated because they are unable to leave the house due to their loved one’s full time needs. If you are unable to leave the home, there are many support groups available online as well that can help link you to available resources.

If you have never tried a support group, they are designed to be a safe space where you will discuss your problems and listen to others problems. Many times the other’s who attend will be a listening ear or provide insight as an outsider. There is a release of negative energy when you are able to vent to another person who actively listens and provides advice. Even if the advice is small, speaking your frustrations is a way to release some steam from the kettle before you boil over.

You are not alone.

So please do not ever feel that your troubles will bother another person. If for some reason one group may have not been what you were looking for or expected, try another, or find another person to confide in until you find the right mix of friends to help guide you and you can reciprocate in the process.

You will feel better knowing that many other people are in a similar situation or feel similarly regarding related topics. The knowledge is invaluable and comforting, especially if they are caregiving someone with the same illness as your loved one.

The best way to find community support groups is to talk to local hospitals, mental health clinics, churchs, or local organization that deals with your loved one’s health problem.

To find an online-based support group, enter keywords in your search engine like “online support groups for dementia, Sarasota, FL.) You will be provided a list of support groups and resources on multiple websites of organizations dedicated to your loved one’s health problem. When you reach out, these groups will definitely point you in the right direction.

If you are interested in learning more about 10 Tips on How to Prevent Caregiver Burnout, check out the links below!

  1.  Set goals, expectations and know your limits.
  2.  Understand the strength & limits of your patient.
  3.  Stay organized & Maintain a Balanced Schedule.
  4.  Engage in daily activities to promote health & wellness.
  5.  Eat healthy, maintain mindfulness, & engage in good sleep habits.
  6.  Find time for Self-Care.
  7.  Take a daily inventory of your feelings, accept and release.
  8.  Know your Community Resources.
  9.  Find a Support Group.
  10. Ask for Help.

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