Many caregivers at times find themselves overwhelmed, frustrated and tired after spending countless hours caring for another person. Feelings of not having full control over their situation depending on their circumstances can creep in unexpectedly. If you do not have a plan to help combat these symptoms, then caregivers can take the fast track to burnout.

If you are interested in learning more about 10 Tips on How to Prevent Caregiver Burnout, check out the links below!
stay organized and maintain a balanced schedule

  1.  Set goals, expectations and know your limits.
  2.  Understand the strength & limits of your patient.
  3.  Stay organized & Maintain a Balanced Schedule.
  4.  Engage in daily activities to promote health & wellness.
  5.  Eat healthy, maintain mindfulness, & engage in good sleep habits.
  6.  Find time for respite & breaks.
  7. Take a daily inventory of your feelings, accept and release.
  8.  Know your Community Resources.
  9.  Find a Support Group.
  10. Ask for Help.

Tip 3: Stay Organized & Maintain a Balanced Schedule

Planning daily activities, medication management, meals, and managing appointments can be daunting tasks. It takes upfront work of organizing a calendar to help keep a house running smoothly. Telephone reminders do not cut it when there may be multiple doctor appointments, multiple medications and daily household tasks to remember.

Having a calendar in a space that everyone can review will make the daily lives easier. Even add in simple menu planning, which can help to maintain a budget for someone on a fixed income.

Keep a running list near the calendar of important paperwork, physician contact information, friends phone numbers, and emails if necessary.  

Stay tuned for tip 4: Engage in daily activities to promote health & wellness.

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