Long Distance Non-Emergency Medical Transport
The rates for non emergency medical transportation can vary significantly by company. The following include reasons why medical transportation rates differ so much:

  1. Total mileage is a main factor for long distance or state to state medical transports.
  2. The medical crew – Med Transport Center provides a licensed nurse to care for the patient and two professional drivers. You want a nurse to care for your loved one. Nurses cost more than a care giver, medical attendant, emergency medical technician, or paramedic. It’s also essential for safety to have two drivers for long distance transportation.
  3. Amenities included with the service(s). Med Transport Center’s medically equipped motor coaches provide a comfortable and luxurious environment for patients. The main reason we don’t use vans for long distance is we put the patient’s needs first, ensuring they are comfortable and well-cared for throughout the transport. Our medically equipped motor coaches include a private bathroom, hospital-type bed, kitchen, television with DVD player, furniture and more. There is also a second bed included for our professional drivers as drivers need to sleep in a bed lying down and not in the front seat sitting up, Federal DOT regulations.
  4. The type of non emergency medical transportation service. Since there are several options such as ground medical transportation, by air ambulance, commercial airline, cruise ship, etc. Fortunately, Med Transport Center provides each of these medical transportation services. A MED Travel Nurse is the least expensive option, followed by ground medical transportation and the most expensive is by our MED Flight air ambulance.

Non Emergency Medical Transport Coordinators

Need a Quote for Non Emergency Medical Transportation?

Med Transport Center provides nationwide service, 24 hours a day and 7 days per week. There are many options to choose from and we can help you determine the best option based on your needs. Don’t make the common mistake of choosing a non emergency medical transportation company based solely on price. Consider their experience; ask questions about the process, level of care provided, testimonials, vehicle amenities and additional questions relating to any concerns you have. Our friendly and knowledgeable medical transportation coordinators can be reached at (800) 311-3412.