Long Distance Non-Emergency Medical Transport

The words, “Unfortunately, we found cancer” are amongst the most dreaded a doctor’s visit can bring. Luckily, science has taken big leaps forward, and new advanced technologies target cancer cells in ways never possible before.

A few years ago, the idea of treating cancer through boosting the body’s own immune system seemed like a dream, but it is quickly becoming reality. Researchers are investigating the possibilities of immunotherapy, and activating and amplifying the body’s own immune system can be a powerful, effective, and long-lasting solution to kill cancer.

Treatment and Effect on Immune System

The various versions of the disease and treating it poses a problem, because while the body reacts to viruses and bacteria, it tends to leave cancer cells alone to spread in peace and quiet. This is because cancer involves the body’s own cells. If the immune system was able to attack the body, it could destroy the whole organism. Screening out the body’s own tissue is a protection mechanism.

Because of this, scientists have assumed that cancer is beyond the reach of the body’s natural defenses, but new drugs show that the immune system can be trained to seek out and destroy malignant cells. This is beneficial in several ways, above all because the immune system has a built-in memory, and once the cancer cells are identified as hostile, the immune system will continue to go after them wherever they appear. This gives a lasting and more complete protection.

Being able to use the body’s own immune system would also imply being able to treat cancer without imposing further difficulties on the patient. Chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery are often efficient in the battle against cancer, but can be hard on the patient.

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Long Distance Medical Transportation for Treatment

Many patients with cancer who undergo traditional chemotherapy or experimental therapies still need or want travel, but in advanced cases, medical needs can make it difficult. Fighting cancer takes a toll, and there might not be much energy left to deal with everything else.

Whether you need long distance medical transportation for treatment, for a family get-together or emergency, or even for a short vacation, MED Transport Center can get you there. The MED Coach is a good option; it is comfortable and medically equipped, but very economical compared to other forms of medical travel. Contact us for more information, we’d love to tell you how we can help!