Long Distance Non-Emergency Medical Transport

Traveling Nurses

Traveling nurses are more than a companion; you can trust he or she to oversee your medical care throughout your entire journey. Med Transport Center’s licensed and experienced traveling nurses will keep you out of trouble and cheerful even when things are going wrong. You can count on him or her for administering medication such as an insulin shot, overseeing your diet, warning you of allergies, or foreseeing potential problems that may worsen your physical condition. Additionally, arranging for oxygen if you should require it. If you happen to catch a cold, acquire the flu, or sustain an injury or fall, your personal traveling nurse will be at your side to treat you.

Where Can a Traveling Nurse Accompany Me?

Do you have a dream vacation, but because of a medical condition think that it would be impossible to plan? Maybe you have thought about going to an opening day ball game in your home town or maybe a place that you have always wanted to visit? Maybe you do not travel because you need oxygen, full-time medical care and feel like the days of planning a trip are over. A traveling nurse may be the answer to your prayers.

Med Transport Center can make your travel dreams come true. With the help of our friendly medical transportation coordinators, you can plan your trip and know that it will be a very safe, comfortable and enjoyable trip from start to finish. With door to door service and all details covered in between, you can make your dream come true or that of a family member or friend. Med Transport Center has made trips like this and others available for more than 30 years; thus, developing an excellent reputation with many leading medical facilities and families alike.

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