So you’re searching for patient transportation services on the Internet and can’t decide who to choose. You find companies of various sizes, promising this and that for your trip. You find it difficult to determine who to trust? If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone!

Trusting a Patient Transportation Company

The Internet provides a means to get information quickly but not always accurately. Companies typically make claims but fail to essentially live up to those claims. Choosing a company to provide your patient with non emergency, long distance patient transportation services is very important and not a task to take lightly. Similarly to choosing any other type of service or product, you want options to consider, right? Well, Med Transport Center offers 4 accommodating patient transportation options to choose from: MED Cruiser, MED Coach, MED Flight and MED Travel Nurse. Intriguing, but you’re still not sure if you can trust us? Med Transport Center provides comfortable, medically equipped motor coaches for long distance patient transportation. The medical coaches are equipped with a private bathroom, comfortable hospital-type bed, two professional drivers and a registered nurse to care for the patient at all times. Other companies who provide long distance patient transportation typically offer a van with no bathroom, a stretcher and no nurse to care for the patient.

Customer Satisfaction is Our #1 Priority

Allow us to alleviate your concerns with our customer satisfaction hotline! With more than 30 years of experience providing patient transportation services, we can assure you that all of your concerns or questions will be answered up-front. You can call us old-fashioned in our dedication to service! Our Transportation Coordinators are awaiting your call; we welcome you to test our expertise! Call us now at (800) 311-3412.