Patients in the early stages of Alzheimer’s often enjoy traveling. Going on a well-planned vacation or to a family gathering can be a great success, but as the illness progresses it can become difficult for the person to cope with new environments, new people, and changes in routine.

It might be necessary to relocate even if a person isn’t really up to it, and going on a longer journey with someone who doesn’t respond well to travel is an ordeal. There are too many changes in the everyday routine, too much outside stimuli, stress, anxiety, and confusion. Patients with Alzheimer’s have been known to unexpectedly grab the driver or steering wheel, opening car doors while the vehicle is moving, or wandering off at rest stops.

Long Distance Transport Services

Long distance patient transport services can help. Med Transport Center has experience with Alzheimer’s, and we will help you find the option that provides the most comfort and least anxiety for your loved one.

Our coach services are medically equipped and have a private bathroom, eliminating the problem of navigating public areas and restrooms. We take pride in comfort and security, and we provide two drivers and a licensed nurse. All our nurses have at least 5 years ICU or ER experience and a passion for caring for people.

We also provide a real bed, and amenities to make the journey shorter. A patient with Alzheimer’s might find music soothing. For additional comfort, we allow for someone to accompany the patient. You can even bring a pet.

There is also a MED Flight option. Here, the medical crew consists of a flight nurse and a paramedic, or respiratory therapist. A flight physician can be added to the team on request.

A long distance relocation can be stressful for family members who don’t partake as well. Our transport coordinators keep the family updated every step of the way.