Long Distance Medical Transportation Texas

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If you need to travel to or from the Lone Star State, Med Transport Center will get you there. We offer long distance medical transportation by ground and air in comfortable vehicles with medical equipment, a private nurse and two professional drivers.

We pick travelers up at home, at a nursing home, or other convenient place. Our coaches have hospital beds, private bathrooms, microwaves, entertainment, and more.

Our services are perfect for those who need to travel long distance to a hospital or nursing home, move across country, or even go on vacation. We are pet friendly.

Medical Coach -VS- Stretcher Vans

MED Coach Stretcher Vans
Medically Equipped Coaches Oxygen, Suction, Pumps, Nebulizers, Feeding Tubes, etc. Some companies offer oxygen.
Hospital-Bed Multi-Positional Therapeutic, constant air-flow mattress for comfort, skin care, plus 8 inch memory foam base. Stretcher ( 22 inches Wide) - Uncomfortable after 3 hours of riding. Difficult for patient to turn over or lie on one’s side.
Private Bathroom On Board Enclosed private bathroom. No bathroom, no privacy. Some have a commode.
Nurse On Board at Bedside Nurses are allowed to give injections, treatments, etc. Some companies offer EMT and are not allowed to administer injections other than an EpiPen.
Emergency Physician On Call Physician on-call 24/7. Physician not required to be on-call.
Professional Drivers 2 professional drivers. Sleeping quarters provided for drivers. 1 driver and 1 EMT, driver must also give medical care. No sleeping quarters for drivers. DOT does not allow a driver to sleep in right front seat.
On-Board Medical Monitoring Nurse is always at patient bed side monitoring Vital Signs and O2 levels. EMT/Driver not able to give medical care and meet required rest requirements. Not allowed to drive more than 10 hours straight.
Pet Friendly Yes No
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About Med Transport Center

Med Transport Center offers different medical transport services to and from Texas and around the globe. Each transport is accompanied by an experienced team. We have a vast transportation fleet and can provide medical transportation services to and from all cities throughout Texas.

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Call our coordinators at 1-800-311-3412 for more information.

Medical Transport to Hospitals, Nursing Homes and ALF's

High quality service and comfort are our top priorities, and this has been true for more than 30 years. We have transported over 10,000 patients to hospice facilities, and we will take good care of your loved one through the entire transportation process.

Texas contains a number of highly reputed hospitals, such as the Houston Methodist Hospital, the Baylor University Medical Center, the UT Southwestern Medical Center, St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital, and the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

There are also many nursing homes, such as Avante Rehabilitation Center, Briarcliff Health Center of Greenville Inc, Continuing Care at Highland Springs, Crowell Nursing Center, and Estrella Oaks Rehabilitation and Care Center.

Limited Mobility Vacations

Traveling with limited mobility or medical conditions takes a toll, and going for a pleasant vacation can seem impossible. Getting out and seeing something new can still lift everyone's spirits, and the MED Coach is perfect for a trip lasting a few days.

There is a lot to see in Texas. Sprawling grasslands, forests and coastline. The state holds popular tourist attractions such as the Alamo, East End Historic District, Apollo Mission Control Center and the USS Lexington.

If you want to travel further and see Key West, Yellowstone National Park, or maybe the Grand Canyon, our professional drivers will take you there as well. With a nurse by your side, if you want or need it.