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Medical Transportation for Elderly Parents

Some challenges in life are just not pleasant. One may be convincing an elderly parent into a nursing home. But an even bigger challenge may be finding medical transportation for an elderly parent in a nursing home cross country in order to be closer to the family. Traveling (flying) back and forth to another part of the country in order to oversee the care your parents quickly becomes tiring and expensive.

So what are my choices? Taking time off by leaving your family and job or move one or both parents closer to home. Let’s say you need to relocate your elderly parent who is incontinent of urine or stool and confined to a hospital bed. Fortunately, no matter what part of the United States, Med Transport Center provides state to state medical transportation for elderly, disabled or handicapped patients.

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You have several options, least expensive to the most expensive:

  1. Take a week off and drive your parent. Can be difficult with a parent who’s bedridden and requires frequent bathroom stops. Also, may require staying overnight in hotels while you’re the primary care giver 24 hours per day. Must have a vehicle with a bed for your parent to lie down.
  2. Hire a commercial airline medical transport nurse to accompany your loved one if they can sit up for takeoff and landing. They must receive medical clearance to travel from the medical desk.
  3. Hire a medical van company. Very uncomfortable and tiring laying on one’s back on a 23 inch wide stretcher with only a few inches of padding, for up to 44 hours. No restroom on board and no nurse, but there is the possibility of 2 drivers. Hopefully one is a paramedic who can take care of your parent while also being able drive (the other driver needs rest)! Not safe!
  4. Medically equipped motor coach with a comfortable hospital bed, private bathroom, along with a team of 2 professional drivers and a transport nurse. No need to stop to use to a public restroom every 3 hours.
  5. Medical Jet – Quick and easy but expensive, probably around $28,000 dollars. Takes about 5 hours flight time plus maybe 3-4 hours ground time to and from airports to a small town.

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We understand the struggles of choosing the right medical transportation option for an elderly parent. With more than 30 years of experience, rest assured that we have your needs in mind. Our friendly and knowledgeable medical transportation coordinators are standing by to answer your questions and address your concerns. Call us today at (800) 311-3412.