Long Distance Non-Emergency Medical Transport

There’s a difference between knowing and just thinking you’re the best at what you do. The proof is in the pudding….. or better yet, the proof is in the feedback. And what folks have to say about Med Transport Center non emergency medical transport services are fabulous – that’s why we KNOW we’re the best.

MED Cruiser Medical Transportation from Atlanta, Georgia to Los Angeles, California

Take the comments of Mr. Ryan. He said it was the best experience he could ever imagine, under the circumstances.

“The nurse (Marilyn) should receive a medal of honor…she was just perfect. The drivers (Jim and Mitch) were superb, pleasant and very professional. The whole experience was absolutely outstanding. As Mr. Ryan said, “There wasn’t a hitch in the car load.!”

That sounds like a southern gentleman’s satisfaction!

MED Coach Transportation from Los Angeles, California to New York, New York

Jackie called our transportation coordinators and said she was so happy they used us. She was nervous about it at the beginning but everything went very well. The crew of Debbie, Jim and Jay couldn’t have been any better!

MED Cruiser Transportation from Tampa, Florida to Louisville, Kentucky

We spoke with Mr. Lanham, husband of the patient. He said the trip went “very, very well” — it was an easy ride… he was so glad they used us. The crew (Marilyn, Terrell, and Mitch) were very professional and made us feel at ease.

“They even helped with our dog that they allowed us to bring along,” he reported.

Semper Fi

The Semper Fi Spirit Prevails

A family was eager to get their sick father closer to more family members and scheduled a transport which brightened the spirit of the patient and the family.

Once on board, and settled in for the trip, one of our drivers, Mike, noticed that the patient was wearing a Marine Corps hat, and said “Hey, Jarhead, how are you doing?”

A huge smile jumped on his face when he realized his driver was also wearing a Marine Corps hat, and the bond began! The rest of the trip was an exchange of notes about their Vietnam memories. The trip took on the flavor of two buddies talking about old times, even though they just met.

When the office called to thank the family for using Med Transport Center, one of the patient’s sons told us how much the trip meant to his Dad, and that they had found some new treatment options for him in Illinois. He was so pleased with his Dad’s experience, and wanted to tell us about it — especially about the good-bye hug between the two Marine buddies at the end of the journey.

Working Hard to Exceed Your Expectations

Med Transport Center works hard to get these results – we plan for most every situation so that we can respond quickly and professionally. Not only that, we back up what we promise.

Med Cruiser Interior For instance, we promise a comfortable hospital type bed, adjustable and cushioned. When a person is not feeling well, the last thing they need it to be physically uncomfortable during a long trip. We know for a fact that our beds are as comfortable as can be found in most any hospital.

Some of our competitors may quote a lower price but they show up with a stretcher or gurney for state to state transportation. Med Transport Center doesn’t believe in sacrificing comfort and quality just to book a trip!

Contact our friendly transportation coordinators to reserve your trip today.