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MED Cruiser

Med Cruiser Staff with Patient
The MED Cruiser is designed for the disabled senior and elderly patient seeking the most economical and comfortable way to travel. It is ideal for seniors seeking long distance medical transportation state-to-state or coast to coast.

MED Coach

Med Coach and Patient
Our MED Coach provides long distance medical transportation for seniors, elderly, disabled and handicapped. MED Coach transports meet the needs of our clients during long distance transports by possessing numerous amenities for the effective, comfortable and caring travel for patients.

MED Travel Nurse

Travel Nurse inside Med Coach
Our MED Travel Nurses are licensed and trained with at least 5 years ICU or ER experience giving compassionate care. Our private travel nurses have a passion for caring for people and have a servant’s heart.

MED Flight

Dr. Kreye next to air ambulance jet
Our MED Flight air ambulance service is dispatched from one of our 7 worldwide affiliates closest to your location to allow quick and efficient service. The medical team is made up of a Flight Nurse, a Paramedic or Respiratory Therapist. A Flight Physician may be added as needed or if requested.

Why Choose Med Transport Center? Because we care about YOU

Motor Coaches Designed for Long Distance Transports

medical equipment

Each of our long distance ground and air medical transportation options are medically equipped and designed for long distances. We are dedicated to meeting all of your medical needs during the transport and Med Transport Center has an emergency physician on site in case the need arises.

  • All medical coaches are spacious
  • Private bathroom on-board
  • Hospital-type bed
  • 2 professional drivers and nurse
  • Additional amenities to provide a luxurious & comfortable trip

Med Transport Center has an A+ Rating with the BBB. Click here to see our review

Why Choose Med Transport Center?

  • Experience: More than 30 years of experience. We  specialize in long distance medical transportation.  We strive to provide the best care for both ground and air transportation.
  • Four: We offer 4 medical transportation services.
  • Financing: Financing is available. Call our transportation coordinators for details.
  • Exceptional Care: Patients are our top priority. Experienced professionals are involved in every transport: nurses, pilots, medics, drivers, coordinators and physicians.
  • Safety: Safety is our first priority. Team members attend on-going educational training and safety training programs.
  • Communication: We keep all parties informed throughout the medical transport.
  • Excellent reputation & highly recommended. A+ Rating with the BBB, click here to see our review.
  • Customer Service: We are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Our team attends to your needs every step of the way, from bedside to bedside.
  • On-Site Physician: Provides oversight throughout all transports.

High Quality Customer Service

Two Drivers and Nurse in Med Cruiser Med Transport Center provides 24/7 assistance. Our medical transportation coordinators are standing by to answer any questions or to provide you with an accurate quote, so give us a call (800) 311-3412.

Long Distance Medical Transportation Services by MED Transport Center, a world wide medical transportation company

  • Advises the best transportation method based on your needs.

  • Guides you step-by-step through the medical transport process whether by air ambulance MED Flight or by long distance medical ground transportation.

  • Assists you with all medical transportation services including a review of medical records, ticketing, luggage, taxi or limo, ambulances, driving or transporting your car, etc.

  • Ensure your in-transit needs are met, including special dietary needs and special medical transport equipment.

  • Gives you an itinerary and a contract to ensure your understanding of the transportation services provided.

  • All long distance medical transports are monitored. You are kept informed as the transport progresses.

  • Notifies your medical transport team of all details. Constant communication allows us to provide the highest quality care, making your experience one to remember.

Nationwide Ground Medical Transportation

transport service area hubs

Med Transport Center has convenient, regional hubs located around the country. This allows us to provide you or your loved ones with efficient long distance transport solutions (300-3,000 miles).

Northeast: Baltimore, MD North Central: Chicago, IL Southwest: Phoenix, AZ Southeast: Tampa, FL
West Coast: Los Angeles, CA Midwest: Denver, CO Northwest: Portland, OR South Central: Dallas, TX

Travel Companion

Pet Friendly Services
Medical Transport Center welcomes you to bring a family member, friend or relative on your trip. Yes, our coaches are Pet Friendly!

Medical Transport Articles

With more than 30 years of experience in long distance medical transportation, Med Transport Center has the knowledge you seek to help make informed decisions.

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